From June 29 to July 10, seven of our Toronto staffers- Kelly Bedard, Duncan Derry, Kymberley Feltham, Lisa McKeown, Beth McNeil, Lorenzo Pagnotta and Whitney Richards- reviewed 100+ plays in this year’s Fringe Festival.

Special thanks to the Fringe Staff & Volunteers (especially Will King in the press office who handled all our ticket requests) and Congratulations to all the artists who killed it this year. It was a great festival. See you in 2017!

The Reviews (in alphabetical order)
A Glass Hive aka The Comedy of Errors (C)
A Good Death (A)
A Lover Improper (B)
A Minor, Mid-Career Retrospective (A)
A Thousand Kindnesses (A-)
All KIDding Aside (B-)
Alpha Delta 86 (C-)
Behold the Barfly (B+)
Binge (C+)
Birthday Cake (B)
Bite-Sized (A-)
Blind to Happiness (A)
Bright Lights (A+)
Cam Baby (A)
Candy & Shelley Go to the Desert (D-)
Collapse (C-)
Common Ground (C)
Crux (B-)
Damn Tank (B+)
Dan’s Inferno (C+)
Dance Animal (B+)
Dario et la Diablesse (D)
Daughters of Feminists (B)
Denmarked (B-)
Doomed (B)
Echoes (A)
Elektra (B+)
Everything Else is Sold Out (A)
Evolution/Mr. Truth (B)
Exterminating Angel (A+)
Falling Awake (A+)
False Start (A)
Far Away (B+)
Finding Funny (A-)
Fire in the Meth Lab (A)
For the Record (A)
Get Yourself Home, Skyler James (B-)
Gnaw (B-)
God of Carnage (C-)
Goodbye to All That (D+)
Happiness (A-)
How May I Mate You? (C+)
In Gods We Trust (B)
In the Trenches: a Double Feature (B-)
In(decision) (B)
Inch of Your Life (B)
Instagraham (B+)
Into (C+)
King of the Castle (C+)
Knots (A)
La Cucina (C)
Let Me Freeze Your Head (B)
Life After (A)
Like a Fly in Amber (D)
Like A Generation (B+)
Little Pricks (B)
Man & Son (B-)
#MannequinGirl: The Musical (B+)
Mr. Nep (C-)
Mullet’s Ghost Story (B)
Next Thing You Know (B)
“Oh, Sarah!” (C)
Peter vs. Chris (A+)
Places to Wait (B+)
Plus One (C+)
Pressgang Storytelling (B+)
Romeo & Juliet Chainsaw Massacre (B+)
Rowing (B+)
Saor (Free) (B+)
#scarecrow (C-)
Searching For Party (B)
Self-Exile (B)
SExT (A-)
Shecky’s Yoga Sequel (B-)
Silk Bath (A)
Songbuster- an improvised musical (B)
Tarot Live! (C)
That Joyce Girl (A-)
That’s How I Remember It (D)
The Art of Being Alone (B-)
The Comedy of Errors (A)
The End (B-)
The Fence (B)
The Harvester (B)
The Pirate Queen of the Stars (B-)
The Road to Santiago (B)
The Stage Manager’s Guide to Dating Assholes (C)
The Unending- 3 Short Plays (A-)
To Jane with Love (D-)
Toller (B)
Tonight’s Cancelled (B+)
True Blue (B+)
(un)boxed (A)
Waiting for Waiting for Godot (C)
Waking (B-)
War Tapes (C+)
Wasteland (A+)
We Are XX (B)
Weird: The Witches of Macbeth (A)
WHAT?! You’re a Medium?! (B-)
Wild/Society (B-)
Wireless Connection (B-)
Women (B-)
YellowZoned (A)
“Ze”: queer as f*ck! (B)