23 October 2019

The COC’s Fall 2019 Season

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Canadian Opera Company has set out a delicious 2019/20 season. I have been excited to see Turandot since last fall when the upcoming season was released. Knowing little about …

16 October 2019

Blood Pact’s Dock Mother God Society

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Set in the British Columbia town of Kelowna against the backdrop of the worst wildfire season in Canadian history, Dock Mother God Society, Blood Pact Theatre’s latest production, is the …

15 October 2019

Frank Turner Sits Down at Toronto’s QET

By // Music

October 10th was the first time Frank Turner has performed in Toronto since I started listening to Frank Turner. I’ve never been to one of the high-energy concerts at the …

14 October 2019

At Crows: Ghost Quartet & The Flick

By // Theatre (Toronto)

A captivating pairing of co-productions has taken over the east end Streetcar Crowsnest venue this fall with a world-renowned but perfectly grounded everyman epic in the mainspace and an understated …

11 October 2019

Pilot Watch + 1: 2019 Network Dramas

By // TV

The new TV season is upon us! As we mourn the slaughter of all the great shows that had to die so these ones could live (RIP, For the People …

09 October 2019

Kat Sandler Debuts Yaga at the Tarragon

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Tarragon Theatre has set up a wonderfully witchy opening to its autumn season. Leaves are turning, the air is cooling, and the fall season of theatre has begun. Onstage from …

09 October 2019

Bob Dylan’s Girl from the North Country

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Set in Duluth, Minnesota in winter 1934, Girl from the North Country is not a typical musical. Understated and thoughtful, this Depression-era drama does not conform to what people might …

06 October 2019

Pilot Watch +1: 2019 Network Comedies

By // TV

The new TV season is upon us! As we mourn the slaughter of all the great shows that had to die so these ones could live (RIP, Speechless), let’s see …

05 October 2019

Knives in Hens at the Coal Mine

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Coal Mine’s presentation of Knives in Hens is a beautiful rendition of the mid-nineties play written by David Harrower — Director Leora Morris has skillfully and lovingly brought the Scottish work …

03 October 2019

Soulpepper’s Streetcar and the Art of Good HR

By // Theatre (Toronto)

There are a few key ways to judge a new artistic director taking over an established company. Some people who aren’t technically wrong but are awfully cynical might look to …

01 October 2019

Let Chicago Fire Make You Cry

By // TV

I’m a cryer. I cry easily and a lot, triggered by all sorts of things from nostalgia to empathy to heartbreak. It can be difficult to explain to people what …

28 September 2019

Season Premiere: The Neighborhood

By // TV

CBS doesn’t make great comedies. With the exception of How I Met Your Mother, which felt cool and genuinely new in its early seasons and therefore read as a total …

28 September 2019

Shaw, ’19: The Glass Menagerie

By // Theatre

In Tennessee Williams’ extensive canon, The Glass Menagerie stands out as the original “memory play”: the work is framed as the hazy recollections of the main character, whose reliability as a …

21 September 2019

Life in a Box is Back!

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Both the best and worst thing about theatre, and indie theatre especially, is its ephemerality. Productions close so fast that you never have the time you need to tell every …

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