16 March 2019

Pyretic’s Blood of our Soil

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Pyretic Productions and Punctuate! Theatre’s most recent show, Blood of our Soil, packs a punch. Onstage in the Tarragon Theatre Extra Space, playwright and star Lianna Makuch brings the audience …

14 March 2019

On Stage in TO: Remounts

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Two shows that had smaller stage runs when they first debuted are back in Toronto, with more room to breathe. At Factory Theatre, Bears is back, after a far too …

13 March 2019

Gallagher Forever

By // TV

Sunday’s night’s season nine finale was the final episode of Shameless starring Emmy Rossum. Fiona’s open-ended exit leaves room for a return- for a holiday episode a few seasons away, …

11 March 2019

Mirvish presents Jersey Boys

By // Theatre (Toronto)

It’s very easy to understand how Jersey Boys has been such a big hit with audiences around the world. Combining the feel-good hits of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons …

10 March 2019

Pinter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Soulpeppers

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Awkward silences are your fault. They’re their fault too. A group – or an entire pair – with expired imaginations aching to pretend to be someones with something to say. …

08 March 2019

ARC’s Human Animals

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Toronto has a complicated relationship with the wildlife that we share our urban terrain with in 2019. To many, maybe most, these animals are pests. They break into our attics …

07 March 2019

Ashbee & Culley’s Pour

By // Theatre (Toronto)

A periodic cry, almost a scream, penetrated the performance space as the audience arrived and settled into their seats. It was unsettling, but mostly ignored. Choreographer Daina Ashbee’s Pour– presented by TO …

01 March 2019

Call Me Vicky at the Pleasance Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Call Me Vicky, the debut play from sisters Nicola and Stacey Bland is based on an entirely true story and is an absorbing, well-written and thought-provoking production. Set in the …

28 February 2019

Good Morning, Viet Mom

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Good Morning, Viet Mom is a wonderfully funny and touching play that has been created and curated so thoughtfully. Journeying from the Fringe Festival to the Next Stage Festival, Good …

28 February 2019

Cirque Éloize’s Hotel

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Cirque Éloize captures perfectly the bustle and glamour of a 1920’s art-deco hotel in their most recent show. Performed at the St. Lawrence Centre, Hotel is a great success, pleasing …

28 February 2019

My Cinematic 2018

By // Cinema

Every year, I try to see as many new release films as I can. The idea is to see them between January 1st and December 31st but those pesky last-December …

24 February 2019

Sting’s Last Ship at the Princess of Wales

By // Theatre (Toronto)

From success in the UK to sinking on Broadway, The Last Ship has enjoyed a mixed reception around the world. Though not always plain sailing, Sting’s musical has launched successfully …

23 February 2019


By // Theatre (Toronto)

What does it mean for a performer to take on a role? Prince Hamlet, Ravi Jain’s radical reframing of the Shakespeare classic remounted here by Canadian Stage and Why Not …

22 February 2019

Coal Mine Theatre presents The Father

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Father by Florian Zeller, directed by Ted Dykstra and Oyin Oladejo, is a brave close look at aging, specifically with Alzheimer’s Disease. The title character, known as André (Eric …

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