Newly relaunched from the original 5-star rated “My TV” podcast, My Entertainment World now encompasses everything from TV, Cinema, Theatre, Books, Sports, Music and Games.

After years focusing on the website, My Ent World is bringing back the podcast format that originally launched the TV branch.

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Vector icons v2The My Entertainment World Podcast

Original founder and host Kelly is back alongside the My Entertainment World senior staff to talk about all things entertainment. The podcast will primarily focus on the worlds of TV and Film with guest stars from all 5 other branches.

2017 Oscar Preview with Clay Keller
Vidiots Video Store Show co-host Clay Keller joins Kelly to break down the upcoming Oscars category by category, fight about La La Land and predict who will take home the gold.

Nominee Interview Series: Kat Letwin
Get a taste of what our annual Nominee Interview Series is all about with the audio version of MyTheatre Award Outstanding Actress nominee Kat Letwin‘s interview with Kelly.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Kelly invited Andrew back to talk about the latest adventure in the Star Wars universe and what the loss of Carrie Fisher means for the series.

The Logan Trailer
Comics critic Marty joins Kelly to dissect the first trailer for the new stripped-down X-Men movie Logan.

The Bachelorette Canada
Kelly is joined by Soulpepper actress and Bachelor superfan Katherine Gauthier to discuss the first season of The Bachelorette Canada, how it’s different (better?) than the American version and what exactly is wrong with Drew?

The Simpsons in 2016
Staff Writer Colin Munch is joined by fellow comedian and Simpsons enthusiast Chris Wilson to watch the season 28 premiere of a show they’ve loved forever and haven’t seen in years.

The HamilTonys
MyTheatre’s New York Editor Theresa joins Kelly to discuss the 2016 Tony Award nominations, Hamilton’s domination and whether there’s anyone who can top the rapping founding fathers who’ve redefined Broadway.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Kelly (a Star Wars noob) and guest podcaster Andrew (a Star Wars expert) dive deep into the latest film, the new cast, the fan theories, how it fits in the already established universe and what it means for the franchise moving forward.

Survivor & Big Brother
Kelly and Tim prepare for the end of BB17 and the beginning of Survivor Second Chances.

The Cabin in the Woods
Life-long Whedon fans, Kelly and Rachael have plenty to say about his horror masterpiece The Cabin in the Woods.

TV Comedy
Kelly and Rachael discuss the latest in TV comedy, take a detour into upcoming films and land in a discussion about race and homosexuality in the TV landscape.


Comic_Con_Logo_01The Comic-Con Podcast

Join #TeamComicCon (Managing Editor Kelly Bedard, TV Editor Saiya Floyd and Senior Staff Writer Marty Chodorek) on their first-ever trip to Comic Con International in San Diego. Huddled in their hotel room at the end of each day, they deliriously recap their time at panels, press rooms and on the convention floor.

Day One:
#TeamComicCon gets their bearings with hectic day full of celebrity sightings, roundtable interviews and Deadpool cosplayers plus one very odd Gene Simmons encounter.

Day Two:
Saiya experiences the good and the bad of big panel lines while Marty interviews comics creators and Kelly talks to the stars of Bob’s Burgers and more.

Day Three:
Marty causes a Twitter frenzy, Saiya camps out all day at Hall H’s biggest panels and Kelly meets one of her childhood movie idols.

Day Four:
Kelly attends one final press room as Marty and Saiya walk the exhibition hall floor and, on the final night of SDCC, #TeamComicCon looks back at the week to draw some final conclusions.


Tu4mj7zPWalkLeft, the Podcast

Senior Staff Writer Marty previews upcoming Toronto theatre productions through candid conversations with the artists themselves, using what he likes to call “World Wide Word-of-mouth” to be the ultimate arts wingman and bring producers and productions to potential audience members.

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