Back in 2007, the original “My TV” Podcast was a central part of our website’s early entertainment coverage.

Nowadays, our podcast feed is home to several different audio series including festival coverage, exclusive interviews, play readings, a movie club, a hockey series, and so much more.

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The My Entertainment World Podcast

Original founder and host Kelly is back alongside the My Entertainment World senior staff to talk about all things entertainment. Our flagship podcast primarily focuses on the worlds of TV and Film with guest stars from all 5 other branches. This is where you’ll find great episodes like our 2017 Oscar Preview with Clay Keller; our Star Wars Specials; TV, Theatre, & Movie deep dives; Guest Host Appearances; Reality TV Coverage; and our annual Blue Jays Roundtable. 


The Nominee Interview Series

Get a taste of what our annual Nominee Interview Series is all about with the audio version of some of our favourite conversations.


The Shakespeare Series

With the help of some of the best and brightest Shakespeare fans in the world, we’re diving deep into 38 plays in 35 episodes (HenryIV & VI only get one episode a piece; sorry, Bill). In every episode of The Shakespeare Series, we’re joined by a different guest (or guests) to discuss a different play in the canon- from the big picture to the tiniest nerdy detail. We have guests lined up who’ve appeared in title roles on the biggest national stages and others who’ve played messengers in 20-person houses; actors, directors, scholars, and even a stage manager, calling in from Stratford, Manila, Boston, Berlin, New York, Niagara, Newfoundland, Washington DC and, of course, Toronto. Every one of them knows their stuff and every one of them was chosen for exactly one reason- a big, bold, unapologetic love of the bard.


The Favourites Series

One of our favourite things is to listen to our favourite people talk about their favourite things. In this series, we’re inviting some awesome guest contributors to talk to or about their favourite people in art and entertainment. We hope you love it as much as our guests love the art and artists they’re here to talk about.


Corona Cold Reads

Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic was to read Shakespeare. Then, once we’d read all the Shakespeare, we read all the other plays and a few screeplays as well. Check out our archive of recordings from nearly two years of cold readings courtesy of our fantastic troupe of actors from around the world.


Corona Movie Club

Our other major pandemic initiative was to start a movie club. To combat social isolation and the lack of movie theatres in our lives, our rag-tag group of film buffs met book-club-style over Zoom three times a week to discuss a different movie every episode.


Season 1, Episode 1

Last year alone, over 500 scripted television shows aired across networks and streaming. How are you supposed to know what’s worth your time without wasting hours of your life? We help you answer the question of our time: What should I be watching? In each episode of our new podcast series Season One Episode One, co-hosts Allie Shields, my Polglase, and Jen Taphorn review the pilot of three new TV shows. Life is too short to watch bad TV, so let us do it for you.


L F Army

Hosts Andrew Markowiak & Adam Fraser hope to give a voice to the legion of Leafs fans that bleed blue through the highs and lows of a team that’s shifted from Ballard to Babcock on their quest to (hopefully) being reunited with Lord Stanley’s mug.


Live @

Bringing you live coverage and exclusive interviews from major entertainment events like The ATX Television Festival, and The Toronto Screenwriting Conference.


The Comic-Con Podcast

Join #TeamComicCon (Managing Editor Kelly Bedard, TV Editor Saiya Floyd and Senior Staff Writer Marty Chodorek) on their first-ever trip to Comic Con International in San Diego. Huddled in their hotel room at the end of each day, they deliriously recap their time at panels, press rooms and on the convention floor.

Full Episodes: Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay Four



Senior Staff Writer Marty Chodorek previews upcoming Toronto theatre productions through candid conversations with the artists themselves, using what he likes to call “World Wide Word-of-mouth” to be the ultimate arts wingman and bring producers and productions to potential audience members.

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