unnamedWe’re back with another episode of the My Entertainment World Podcast, this one all about Canada’s first-ever Bachelorette.

To help me sort out the good (Kyle!), the bad (Drew) and the ugly (Drew’s soul) of Jasmine’s search for love, I recruited Soulpepper actress Katherine Gauthier whose regular schedule of Ibsen and Molière is well balanced by plenty of reality TV.

Gearing up for next Tuesday’s season finale, Kat and I watched the Men Tell All special then settled in for a long debate of such important topics as:

– Who is the cutest guy of the season?
– Why is Drew so evil?
– Is Kevin P “too perfect”?
– What does Mikhel’s nipple ring say about him?
– Is Jasmine basic?

Also discussed: the psychology of bullying, the politics of national identity, the toxicity of alpha male culture, the limitations of geographical stereotyping, the dangers of producer manipulation, and which Toronto theatre-maker would be the best Bachelor or Bachelorette (spoiler alert: Kat’s vote is Tony Nappo!?!)

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