29 October 2018

Soulpepper’s Royale

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The audience is silent and still. A dim light contours a man in boxing gloves and shorts, his slightly bent head and shoulders gleaming with sweat. There is a ripple …

04 September 2018

Soulpepper’s Summer 2018

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Bed & Breakfast This delightful play from Mark Crawford and the production directed by Ann-Marie Kerr currently playing at Soulpepper is wonderful for a ton of different reasons. Firstly, it’s …

31 May 2018

Soulpepper’s Must-See Spring Season

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Walk into the Young Centre and buy a ticket, it doesn’t matter to what. Soulpepper Theatre has three productions running right now and, for the first time in memory (and …

25 March 2018

Nominee Interview Series: Ken MacKenzie

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2017 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. A Soulpepper Academy alumnus and Resident Artist, Ken MacKenzie has designed …

23 March 2018

Soulpepper, Winter 2018

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Soulpepper’s going to be okay. I really believe that, and certainly I hope it. They’ve weathered the kind of storm that would have easily levelled a lesser company but there’s …

28 February 2018

Nominee Interview Series: Jamie Cavanagh

By // Theatre

Before we announce the winners of the 2017 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. In VideoCabaret’s Confederation Parts I & II, programmed at Soulpepper last …

27 February 2018

On Stage in TO: Quality Catch-Up

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Toronto theatre is navigating tricky times by making great art this winter. It’s a boom of full-throttle theatre-making, reflected most acutely in midsized-to-large companies taking on the sort of challenging, …

25 December 2017

Bad Hats’ Peter Pan takes off at Soulpepper

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The lush golden light of the Peter Pan set was a welcome contrast to the sharp cold evening we had rushed through en-route to the theatre, and the space itself …

17 November 2017

Soulpepper’s Goat

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Edward Albee’s The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia? is currently on at Soulpepper, directed by Alan Dilworth. I love this play for so many reasons, not least of which is …

18 September 2017

Soulpepper in September, 2017

By // Theatre (Toronto)

There’s profundity in boredom, or at least that’s what most Waiting for Godots seem to argue. It’s an impossibly dull play to watch, purposefully so; the theatre usually has at …

29 July 2017

Soulpepper on 42nd Street: True North

By // Theatre (New York)

Soulpepper, a company of Toronto-based Canadian theatre artists, is doing a residency at the Signature Theatre complex for the month of July. If the concert they served up in honor …

23 July 2017

At Soulpepper: Billy Bishop Goes to War

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Eric Peterson is back once again performing Billy Bishop – a Canadian war hero from the First World War. Forty years since its creation, this production celebrates not just Peterson …

21 July 2017

Soulpepper on 42nd Street: Of Human Bondage

By // Theatre (New York)

Soulpepper’s Of Human Bondage features a strong cast of talented actors, and some truly innovative staging. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to save the production from a tiresome story filled with …

05 July 2017

Soulpepper on 42nd Street: Kim’s Convenience

By // Theatre (New York)

Immigrants. Gentrification. Two subjects that are inescapable when living in New York City. Sometimes it’s easy for New Yorkers to think we have the monopoly on them (as we like …

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