At the WB Games press room celebrating the upcoming release of the new Gotham Knights game, we got the chance to sit down with Christopher Sean (Nightwing), America Young (Batgirl), Wilson Mui (Cinematic Director), Ann Lemay (Narrative Director), and Patrick Redding (Creative Director) to get the inside scoop on the game. 

Inside the San Diego Comic-Con press room with the team behind WB Games/Player First Games’ sprawling IP mash-up MultiVersus.

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read all of our coverage from Toronto Comicon 2022.    We stopped by the Retro Game Bros booth at Toronto Comicon to get the scoop on the most rare (and valuable!) old school gems they had on sale.  

  Kelly Bedard

My go-to board game for a long time was Pandemic. It’s fun, complex, difficult, re-playable, and cooperative so I was never accused of personally attacking my friends with my strategy (I once made someone cry during a game of Power Grid; I think she was projecting). But now is really NOT THE TIME for that […]

In these times of social distancing and shutdown, our physical…

  Kelly Bedard

CLICK HERE to read all of our SDCC 2018 Coverage. Every year at Comic-Con, I make a point of stopping by the Stern Pinball booth on the convention’s exhibit floor to see what new pop culture licenses the company has secured to turn into classic arcade games. This year’s big title is Iron Maiden. When asked […]

  Kelly Bedard

CLICK HERE to read all of our SDCC 2018 Coverage. I’m not a skilled gamer but the ever-evolving art coming out of that storytelling genre fascinates me and I love to talk to gamers and game-makers about the latest. On the floor at San Diego Comic-Con, I caught up with programmer Richard May who walked me […]

  Kelly Bedard

CLICK HERE to read all of our SDCC 2018 Coverage. I stopped by the LEGO booth at San Diego Comic-Con to tour the life-size models they had on display, including Aquaman, Unikitty from the LEGO movie, a giant Millennium Falcon perfect for posing, and a ginormous Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War that might be the coolest […]

Absurdity abounds in this festive seasonal sequel to Hatoful Boyfriend, the notoriously bizarre pigeon dating sim…

  Tom McGee

Guardians of the Galaxy Episode Four: Who Needs You has a serious identity crisis going on: at first, it seems like one of the most legitimately episodic adventures do date, with our heroes trapped underground and on the run from rock-eating space worms. While the change in scenery from temples was nice, the scenario felt […]

  Tom McGee

Who knew a game about talking corn would have one of the best narrative twists I’ve ever seen in a video game? Maize, the irreverent new puzzle and exploration game from Finish Line Games is an imaginative, funny, atmospheric experience featuring everything from the aforementioned talking corn, to an irritable cyborg Russian teddy bear, to […]

An interesting thing happened when Overwatch was first revealed: a bunch of relatively unknown voice actors suddenly became celebrities – and with good reason! The greatest strength of Overwatch is its brilliant and diverse cast of interesting characters, whose voices and catchphrases are a constant in each match. The community is active and passionate, generating […]

There’s a true joy (somewhat lost in the modern age of internet gaming) of yelling at your friends next to you on the couch in either victory or defeat. Whether a well-placed red shell near the end of a race in Mario Kart, someone managing to grab the Golden Gun first in GoldenEye 64, or […]

  Tom McGee

2003 was a pretty magical year for early online gaming: with the advent of Flash sites like ebaum’s World and, suddenly computer class went from being somewhere ICQ and MSN Messenger were banned to an arcade. I got addicted to Jet Slalom, a game where you maneuver a hover speeder between triangular cones, as […]

  Tom McGee

So, you might not know Jennifer Hale’s name, but chances are you know one of her many, many voices. Perhaps most famous these days for her iconic role as Commander Shepard (lovingly known as FemShep for ‘Female Shepard’) in the Mass Effect trilogy, Hale has been in the voice game for a long time. To […]

Click Here to read previous instalments of Skinner Box Storytelling.  My new show is open so I’ve got a bit more time to play games. Here’s what I’ve dipped into this week. These aren’t reviews, as I’ve only had a few hours with each one, but little snapshots of what I think. If I continue with […]

There’s a distinct problem starting to rear its head in the Guardians series and unfortunately it’s becoming more pronounced as the game goes along: everyone blames Star-Lord for everything, no one takes responsibility for anything, and all the characters are overwhelmingly selfish. There are a few exceptions to this, Rocket apologizing for being a dick […]

I’ve loved Batman since before I can remember – the character and mythology has seemingly always been with me, from my early days laughing along with Adam West and Burt Ward as they fended off rubber sharks with Bat-Shark-Repellant Spray, to the seminal 1990s cartoon (still the greatest version of the mythology ever put to […]

Micro-Review Walking Dead Season Three is a bit of a departure for the series, taking the focus…

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con First, a confession: when I first played the Overwatch beta, it didn’t blow me away. The character design was exemplary, but the gameplay felt limited to me. The lack of single player seemed odd, given how much story had been built for […]

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Games of all types and toys both practical and collectible abound at Comic-Con and the hyper-commercial landscape of the convention floor is where all that stuff lives. Video games may be king when it comes to intense geekery (the true measure of […]

It’s a common enough problem: the enemies you’re facing in a video game have cooler stuff than you. It’s a common frustration, when slaying one of these enemies that for some damn reason you can’t pick up their sword/shield/gun despite it being a helluva lot better than yours is. The Surge is the cure to […]

After an exemplary first episode, Telltale stumbles a bit on the second, delivering an interesting, if somewhat less polished chapter in their Guardians tale. *Full spoilers follow* Having last left our heroes with Star-Lord having returned from the dead, thanks to our trusty McGuffan The Eternity Forge, we are thrust immediately into a space escape, […]

  Tom McGee

There are moments in Seasons After Fall, where the stunning, hand-drawn graphics and the breathtakingly beautiful score, performed by a strings quartet, where you find yourself marvelling at finding such beauty in a video game. While it is certainly more common to see such incredible design, what Swing Swing Submarine has accomplished here visually and […]

Telltale Games are known for their tough decisions; but here there was no question. I started kicking the corpse along with Rocket, while taunting the defeated super villain. Gamora was kinda pissed about it, but it was worth it. From start to finish, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Game – Episode One: Tangled […]

  Colin Munch

I know it’s been months since my last article: I booked two big contracts in a row that took up all my time. Somehow I found the time to take chunks out of what may be the greatest winter for video games ever. Here’s what I’ve been playing this week: Zelda: Breath of the Wild […]