Kelly Bedard

I am not a woman of ritual. There’s very little in this world that I do because I’ve always done it, not a birthday tradition or a makeup routine or even a consistent time for breakfast. But this, I do. The Bachelor Scale, my yearly ranking of The Bachelorette‘s cavalcade of mediocre suitors, happens come hell […]

  Kelly Bedard

I am not a woman of ritual. There’s very little in this world that I do because I’ve always done it, not a birthday tradition or a makeup routine or even a consistent time for breakfast. But this, I do. The Bachelor Scale, my yearly ranking of The Bachelorette‘s cavalcade of mediocre suitors, that happens […]

  Kelly Bedard

I Love Hannah Brown. I’m into this Bachelorette season like I haven’t been into this branch of the franchise in quite some time. I know they don’t necessarily cast with the lead already in mind but it almost feels like they did here with a lot of men who are age-appropriate and lead with kindness, […]

Reboot culture as the go-to MO of our modern television landscape is, to say the very least, uninspiring. My head spins at the thought of the original ideas unexplored because some executive would rather reboot Dynasty than greenlight the next Dynasty. There must be hundreds of them, thousands probably, TV shows that never got made […]

  Lita Brillman

We’re getting right down to the wire, folks. The time of the season that I start looking toward what kind of sparkling wine to buy for the finale to either pop in celebration in the event of a Davie, Angelina, or Alison win, drown my sorrows with in case of a Nick or Mike victory, […]

  Lita Brillman

Despite this episode happening on the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, this was an extremely Christian week, as our favorite robot-shirted storyteller slipped by another tribal council. Happy for him as I am, this week we are in mourning. Gabby Pascuzzi was a fantastic character, a cut-throat player, and a complex woman who advocated for ending […]

  Lita Brillman

The gender balance is even! The immunity field is wide open! People are correcting Probst on his word choice! This season continues to be iconic! Historically, double episodes are put together because at least one of them is underwhelming on their own. Since both eliminees were not people that had any major shot at winning, […]

  Lita Brillman

Perhaps it’s due to the recent holiday that I am thinking about gratitude, and what we as viewers are thankful for when it comes to tribal councils. Sometimes we find gratification in blindsides, in a potential winner being taken out when we least expect it. We often find excitement in big jury threats being expertly […]

  Lita Brillman

Welcome back to the David vs. Goliath train, which continues at full-speed ahead, despite my reservations every single week that something is inevitably going to derail it, probably in the form of a crazy twist. What I loved so much about this tribal council was that even though, yes, it was determined by twists in […]

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I can’t say that I had a lot of faith that Natalie would survive until the merge, but I held out hope, because if she did I don’t see how anyone would want to get rid of her, since she would be wearing a giant sign that says […]

Another season of modern Survivor, another absolutely terrible move…

Welcome to the latest season of Survivor: An Amazing Cast vs. An Incredibly Forced Theme and Terrible Production Choices!…

If you told me week one of this season that I would…

  Kelly Bedard

  Right up front, I have to say that this was one of my least favourite Bachelor Scales to put together. I’m really not feeling Becca’s guys and, though the Bachelorette herself is perfectly pleasant (if a little dull), my interest in this season is pretty limited. Truth be told, most of my Bachelor Nation […]

  Lita Brillman

This week on the prequel to Aquaria’s coronation episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10: Singing! Choreography! Making me watch Katya’s verse of All Stars 2’s final four challenge Read U Wrote U for the thousandth time because it is the greatest verse in Drag Race herstory and these challenges always make me think of […]

Who needs inner saboteur when Ru is the greatest saboteur of all, and she’s right there…

Ladies, I have good news and bad news. The good news is Miz Cracker finally got a win, and actually looked like she was having fun on the show for once! I am so happy for her! The bad news is that Ru has unfortunately lost her damn mind and sent home Monet X Change, […]

Welcome to the sweet release that is the final resting place of Survivor: Ghost Island…

“Evil triumphs when good queens do nothing.” These are the fitting, essential, and political parting words left on the mirror by The Vixen on her way out the door. Also fitting? The other queens’ responses to it. They pretend as if they are mystified by the sentence, brush it off as if it’s just classic […]

To paraphrase a group of exasperated nuns I once heard: How do you solve a problem like Dom and Wendell? On the one hand, one of the two of them is obviously going to win, anyone who goes up against either one of them is doomed to second or third place, and this was probably […]

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Between Ru’s apparent standoffishness while talking to her in the work room, the judges lack of reception to her performance, and the edit of the last couple of weeks, it was obvious that The Vixen was dead on arrival in this episode, and that Ru had made her decision […]

  Lita Brillman

This week on Survivor: Disappointment Island, we get a cruel teaser of what could be if Laurel and Donathan weren’t such party poopers and made a move with the Naviti women against the immovable object that is the Domenick and Wendell duo. Of course, a women + Donathan alliance to shake up the game and […]

In typical season 10 fashion, this episode kicks off with Eureka whitesplaining The Vixen’s behavior to her, telling her how to be a role model. This is really rich because while The Vixen is actually out there in her career uplifting local black queens in order to promote explicitly black representation in the drag community […]

Well Survivor fans, there is truly nothing like a twist that is both bad in premise and luck forces it to work out in the most boring possible way. Editing did its best to make this unprecedented half-tribe-double-tribal twist engaging, and I do admit even with the somewhat inevitable results, the build-up to the main […]

Much like the queens in this week’s mini challenge, I’ve been sitting on a secret too: I am totally unimpressed by Eureka O’Hara. Okay, that’s not a secret at all, but I just feel like I needed to reiterate it because RuPaul continues fruitlessly to try to convince me that Eureka is great. She’s fine! […]

Sometimes post-merge flips on the majority alliance can be exciting. Sometimes they can feel like a slow march toward death. As soon as Desiree shares her story of the time in her life she was homeless, sparked by a bizarre confession of a starvation-induced dream Domenick had in which he and Laurel ate egg sandwiches […]