Kelly Bedard

My love of the National Ballet of Canada started when I saw them dance Onegin. It was a very different company back in 2010 when this production made its debut with Santo Loquasto’s rich and moody redesign and the starriest of all-star casts for opening night, but the Onegin magic is alive and well even […]

  Chelsea Dinsmore

The opening production of The National Ballet of Canada’s 2023/24 season pairs two short ballets about passion. Ironically, it’s Passion that is the least passionate of the pair, feeling disjointed and overly busy. The world premiere of Emma Bovary, on the other hand, is a cohesive triumph that led me and my guest to turn to each other towards […]

  Mark Kreder

Click Here to read the rest of our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2023.    Hullaboo And The End of Everything (A) Andrew Wade has written a special show with Hullaboo And The End of Everything. It is a beautiful piece that Wade and fellow cast mate, Bonnie Duff do a great job bringing to life. Their […]

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read the rest of our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2023.    In Passing (A-) Pure joy from start to finish, this ensemble tap performance from Rhythm & Sound features strong storytelling without going too far into narrative. The piece plays out in a series of vignettes that vary in tone and tell simple […]

  Kelly Bedard

Presented for just four days at the versatile and dance-friendly Crows Guloien Theatre, X (Dix) is a robust and balanced showcase for five dancers of varied stylistic backgrounds who come together as a cohesive ensemble each with their own moment in designer Simon Rossiter’s inventive, geometric light. Rossiter’s work pairs with Son Lux’s music to […]

  Amy Strizic

Les Ballets Trockadero has returned once more to Toronto, and we couldn’t be more excited. The crowd was a varied wonder on March 8, ranging from eager children, to professional dancers, to drag artists, and everyone in between. I had been one of those children growing up- ever since I saw my first Ballet Trockadero […]

  Thea Fitz-James

After a stellar workshop presentation at the 2017 Fringe, BRAIN STORM returns to Toronto with its world premiere at the intimate Dancemakers Studio Theatre.  An innovative performance, BRAIN STORM is a ghostly mix of dance, projection, and text that leads us through a young woman’s day-to-day, post-brain injury. The layers of performance—from non-verbal expressions, to versatile […]

  Kymberley Feltham

Red Sky Performance’s AF is true to brand a force of nature. The rhythm is urgent, the energy is youthful, and the choreography showcases the athleticism of the dancers. The driving beat of the vocals and percussion carries an urgent intensity throughout the work, with the dancers using percussive movements heavily influenced by locking and […]