25 March 2020

Les Ballet Trockadero

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Les Ballets Trockadero has returned once more to Toronto, and we couldn’t be more excited. The crowd was a varied wonder on March 8, ranging from eager children, to professional …

04 March 2020


By // Theatre (Toronto)

After a stellar workshop presentation at the 2017 Fringe, BRAIN STORM returns to Toronto with its world premiere at the intimate Dancemakers Studio Theatre.  An innovative performance, BRAIN STORM is a …

29 February 2020

Red Sky Performance & Canadian Stage: AF

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Red Sky Performance’s AF is true to brand a force of nature. The rhythm is urgent, the energy is youthful, and the choreography showcases the athleticism of the dancers. The …

13 February 2020

Canadian Stage: Radical Vitality- Solos & Duets

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Seeing a compilation show from the ‘Compagnie Marie Chouinard’ was just as deliciously weird as I hoped it would be. Heralded as one of Canada’s greatest dancers and choreographers, hers …

13 February 2020

Citadel + Compagnie: this happened…

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Onstage at the inspiring Citadel + Compagnie, Kate Hilliard’s production of this happened… is personal, thoughtful, and dreamlike. The opening scene is striking and powerful, and the audience is pulled …

17 January 2020

Kemi Projects’ Known

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Jennifer Dallas, Artistic Director of Kẹmi Contemporary Dance Projects, says that she is inspired by choreographers who are playing in the cracks between disciplines. Dallas herself has been able to …

13 June 2019

Eifman Ballet’s Tchaikovsky: PRO et CONTRA

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Celebrated Russian choreographer Boris Eifman brings to life the story of composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), and it is a tale of beauty and tragedy. Eifman, inspired by the composer’s …

22 April 2019

Kudelka’s Four Old Legs

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Growing up in the ballet world, I had often heard her name, but I never dreamed that I would be fortunate enough to see Evelyn Hart dance. Master of her …

03 April 2019

Ballet BC in Toronto

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Ballet BC made a stop in Toronto on a packed tour, and showcased an evening of athleticism, nuance, and sensitivity. Performing at the St Lawrence Centre for only two nights, …

29 March 2019

Pite & Young’s Revisor

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Choreographer Crystal Pite’s work is always deeply thrilling—her ability to bring an audience into a transformed alternate reality is her trademark. In Revisor, her second collaboration with writer Jonathon Young, …

26 March 2019

No Woman’s Land: An Epic Journey Into Empathy

By // Theatre (Toronto)

“You only leave home if home is the mouth of a shark” This is one of the many hard truths about the refugee experience that No Woman’s Land asks its …

07 March 2019

Ashbee & Culley’s Pour

By // Theatre (Toronto)

A periodic cry, almost a scream, penetrated the performance space as the audience arrived and settled into their seats. It was unsettling, but mostly ignored. Choreographer Daina Ashbee’s Pour– presented by TO …

01 November 2018

DanceWorks: The Art of Degeneration

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The proof is in the pudding is a strangely apt synopsis of The Art of Degeneration, a solo show by Louis Laberge-Côté. Why so? Because the climax of the show …

18 October 2018

Esie Mensah’s Shades

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Toronto-based choreographer and dancer Esie Mensah’s Shades premiered at the Factory Theatre with a short run, September 27 to 20, 2018. Shades is an exploration of the discrimination between lighter-skinned …

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