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Bitesized (A-)
As the opening monologue states, this is a show about things you love. It’s also about harder subjects (the environment, our treatment of native peoples, sexy Justin Trudeau). Through 16 short plays, the talents of this troupe are apparent – showcased are a range of singing, dancing, and acting bits. Though it falters momentarily in the middle, with a GMO skit that’s crude humour seems beneath them, the show is insightful, humorous, and succinct.

Man and Son: Ladies First (B-)
There are a lot of shows in Fringe about the trials and tribulations of being a woman. Don’t miss this one just because the subject matter is covered elsewhere, as these women are hilarious. Quick scenes, rapid character changes and an eye for making the mundane day to day seem absolutely ludicrous, this show was wonderfully entertaining.

Alpha Delta 86 (C-)
Fast and loose and absolutely absurd, this show was more Commedia Dell’arte than strictly farce. With little coherent plot and even less dialogue, the main strength of the show is the abilities of the cast, who still managed to make me laugh even though I didn’t get the joke.

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