19 June 2018

Luminato 2018: Swan Lake/Loch na hEala

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Luminato 2018 promised to interrogate the issues of human-rights, justice and inclusion, and Swan Lake/Loch na hEala does not disappoint with its dark themes of loss—of innocence, of purpose, and …

16 June 2018

Bad Dog’s Proud + Funny

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre is getting in on Pride month with an Official Pride Toronto Community event this weekend, a two-day mini-festival of shows highlighting LGBTQ performers. Three shows on …

14 June 2018

String of Pearls

By // Theatre (Toronto)

String of Pearls, brought to you by Labour of Love, chronicles the life line of a pearl necklace and it’s connection to the women who wear it. It’s a story …

07 June 2018

An Evening of Combustion

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Bad Dog Theatre Company’s annual Combustion Festival runs through June 9th at their theatre on Bloor St. West. It’s a week of performances, workshops, drop-in classes and general partying that …

05 June 2018

Music Music Life Death Music: An Absurdical

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Canadian musical theatre is on the rise. I hate to give all the credit to Come From Away but, with the success of Come From Away, all of a sudden …

31 May 2018

Soulpepper’s Must-See Spring Season

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Walk into the Young Centre and buy a ticket, it doesn’t matter to what. Soulpepper Theatre has three productions running right now and, for the first time in memory (and …

30 May 2018

Seven Siblings’ Frozen

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Trauma reverberates through a life in ways that are almost always unquantifiable, and it is a state that lends Bryony Lavery the title of her 1998 play, produced by Seven …

24 May 2018

Featured Production: Frozen

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Seven Siblings Theatre is coming off their strongest season yet with a staged reading, a festival of new work, and two mainstage productions including the Critics’ Pick Award-nominated Fringe run …

14 May 2018

The COC’s Spring: Short Fables & Anna Bolena

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The eclectic pairing of a visually ambitious but narratively light 20th century Russian mixed bill directed with theatrical ambition and a rich Italian bel canto full-length narrative with restrained character-focused …

09 May 2018

LULU V.7: a Horrifyingly Distant yet Related Past

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Without a doubt, I am a huge fan of non-linear work. I feel it’s more reflective of how our brain’s complex neural pathways actually work. Red Light District and Buddies’ …

09 May 2018

Crave Productions’ ’94 Club: based on true events

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Thalia Kane’s new play offers up a dark version of four young women’s coming of age in a rural Canadian high school. While the script needs some development, the play …

04 May 2018

On Stage in Toronto: Girls, “Little” and Like That

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Girls Like That (Tarragon Theatre) The more I think about this fantastic ensemble piece about teenage girls dealing with the age of slut-shaming gone viral, the more shocked I am …

02 May 2018

“Music Theatre”: Picnic in the Cemetery

By // Music

Billed as “music theatre”, Njo Kong Kie’s first production in his residency with Canadian Stage is more of a concert with multimedia aspects than it is a piece of theatre. …

02 May 2018

What Happened Was…

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The cryptic title of this Tom Noonan two-hander refers to a story within the play. Taken as a suggestion as to what the play itself might be, it hints that …

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