The 2024 Toronto Fringe Festival kicked off on July 3, running through July 14. Two of our writers, Kelly and Lisa, were on hand to see as many shows as possible. This year that number was 46.


Listen to our Preview Piece to hear the artists pitch their work then check out the links below to read our thoughts about the productions.


Our Reviews:


Crosstown (A)

Desperate Measures (A)

Rat Academy (A)

Patty Picker (A)

Rooted: A Musical Poem (A)

See You Tomorrow: A True Story (A)

Artificially Intelligent (A-)

Crime After Crime (After Crime) (A-)

Girls’ Night Cabin Fever (A-)

Gringas (A-)

Rosamund (A-)

Monks (B+)

Stiff & Sons (B+)

Tonight! a clown who wanted to be loved? (B+)

You Lost Me: A Sketch Comedy Show (B+)

Aala Tamasha Aala (B)

The Delightful Chaos of Mistila and the Motlies (B)

Paternal Guidance (B)


Pretty Beast (B)

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (B)

Sheila the Musical (B)

All Of Our Parents Are Immigrants (B-)

Before We Go (B-)

Boy Boy and the Magic Drum (B-)

Bus Stop (B-)

Cabaret of Murder (B-)

Koli Kari (B-)

Moe: A Rap Opera (B-)

The Apartment (B-)

The Kid Was a Spy (B-)

Madame Winifred’s Circus of Wonders (B-)

Tape (B-)

Daniel in Love (For One Night Only)! (C+)

Dead Right (C+)

Escape from Toronto (C+)

Get A Clue (C+)

Great Felt Greatness (C+)

UnMute (C+)

Being Celine (C)

Death of a Starman (C)

far-flung peoples (C)

Saskatchewan: An Aspirational Polyamorous Adventure (C)

An Evening at Sea (C-)

Cancelled! (D)

Unfurnished (D)