Lisa McKeown

Click Here to read all our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2024.    Patty Picker (A) Written by Evan Bawtinheimer, One For One Collective’s production brings us the story of Patty, a teenage girl who gets bullied and ostracized when the school learns a shameful secret. Bawtinheimer’s story examines a prevalent theme in teenage maturation without veering […]

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read all our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2024.    Desperate Measures (A) Cameron Kneteman and Hilary Wirachowsky anchor this charming but thoughtful comedy about financial desperation with charisma and chemistry. Rachel Moore & Catherine Teichman’s script is funny but not too goofy and rooted at all turns in believable human behaviour. A fresh […]

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read all our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2024.    Rat Academy (A) Crystal clear dramaturgy, impeccable character work, and impressive technical skill mark this clown duet about endangered Albertan rats as a can’t-miss oddity. Honouring the heart of clown tradition with a classic White/Auguste pairing, Katie Yoner and Dayna Lea Hoffmann’s Fingers […]

  MyEntWorld Staff

The 2024 Toronto Fringe Festival kicked off on July 3, running through July 14. Two of our writers, Kelly and Lisa, were on hand to see as many shows as possible. This year that number was 46.   Listen to our Preview Piece to hear the artists pitch their work then check out the links below […]

Slava’s SnowShow (Show One Productions at The Elgin Theatre) There’s something really special about a production that can transcend age, language, and cultural barriers, uniting audiences around the world and even diverse audiences in a single location with a memorable theatrical experience understood completely by everyone in the room. Slava’s SnowShow is absolutely that. A […]

  Kelly Bedard

Chaos Menu: Disorder Up! (The Second City) The latest revue from Toronto’s Second City brings in four very strong new cast members to join returnees PHATT Al and Andy Assaf in a very silly crowd pleaser of a show at the comedy giant’s fabulous new space. I’m that weirdo who likes a little sadness in […]

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read the rest of our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2023.    Constellation Prize (A-) The premise of this astrological musical sounds a little goofy but Alessandra Ferreri & Steven Suepaul’s incredibly strong book infuses genuine tension and honest emotion into the story of the twelve astrological signs fighting for their status after an application […]

  Dom Harvey

Click Here to read the rest of our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2023.    The Family Crow: A Murder Mystery (A) Adam Francis Proulx and The Pucking Fuppet Co. have spread their wings for a pun-drenched whodunnit that stands out as a clever and entertaining highlight of this year’s Fringe. The central figure in this saga […]