15 January 2019

Next Stage, 2019: Part III

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our full list of Next Stage reviews. A Bear Awake in Winter Bullying as a topic in theatre, especially for young people, has been ascendent …

15 January 2019

Next Stage, 2019: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our full list of Next Stage reviews. Dinner with The Duchess Meet Margaret (Allegra Fulton), a celebrated female violinist, who is retiring after decades of …

15 January 2019

Next Stage, 2019: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our full list of Next Stage reviews. Raising Stanley/Life with Tulia Raising Stanley/Life with Tulia is a multidisciplinary success of a show that brings together …

14 January 2019

After the Fire, a Fort MacMurray story

By // Theatre (Toronto)

After the Fire, the latest offering from indigenous playwright Matthew MacKenzie, is a powerfully dramatic yet darkly comedic take on the aftermath of Canada’s costliest natural disaster, the wildfires that …

19 December 2018

Blood Pact’s No Clowns Allowed at The Assembly

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Tucked away in a tiny theatre in Parkdale, No Clowns Allowed is a success. Lighthearted in a macabre way (it definitely worked!), the show has moments of tenderness and seriousness …

15 December 2018

Seven Siblings’ From the Water

By // Theatre (Toronto)

One of the strengths of science fiction is the power it has to tackle ideas and discussions that might otherwise feel too distant for an audience, and make them feel …

13 December 2018

Susanna Fournier’s Empire, Part I: The Philosopher’s Wife

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Philosopher’s Wife, the first part of Paradigm Productions’ epic Empire Trilogy, has a “soft” opening scene in its current staging at the AKI Studio Theatre. Playwright Susanna Fournier introduces …

30 November 2018

Featured Event: Shakespeare-in-Hospitals Homecoming Gala

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Over the last three months, Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare Collective’s ensemble…

26 November 2018

Crow’s Studio: What I Call Her

By // Theatre (Toronto)

What I Call Her is a new play written by Ellie Moon and performed in partnership with Crow’s Theatre. Opening night was a great success, filled with the thrill and …

15 November 2018

Bobby Del Rio’s Power Struggle

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Writer/director Bobby Del Rio’s ambitious attempt to take on the ever-relevant themes of rape and trauma is an admirable undertaking with an uneven execution. Del Rio points out in the …

01 November 2018

Hannah Moscovitch & Maev Beaty’s Secret Life

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Secret Life of a Mother at the Theatre Centre is a stunning exploration of the raw, invisible, and gritty realities of two women’s experiences of parenthood. Created by Hannah Moscovitch, …

23 October 2018

The Wider Earth at The National History Museum

By // Theatre (London)

David Morton’s new play The Wider Earth, staged at the Natural History Museum is a confident and educational new piece of work that quite literally spins you through the great …

16 September 2018

Wasted at Southwark Playhouse

By // Theatre (London)

A bold new rock musical that brings a contemporary feel to the story of the Bronte sisters, this is a fun and smart piece of work that doesn’t shy away …

09 September 2018

High Ridin’ by Em-Lou Productions

By // Theatre (London)

James Hogan’s new play is a touching portrayal of love, struggle and bereavement, but lacks the bite to make the drama gripping, spending too long stomping on well-trodden ground. Centring …

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