17 February 2018

On the Road to Progress

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Two more pieces had their opening at Progress Festival on Valentine’s Day. While they couldn’t be more different, they did share something in common. Dis Merci When it comes to …

13 February 2018

Rosemary and Time

By // Theatre (New York)

Jennifer Fell Hayes’ hauntingly beautiful new play Rosemary and Time explores the painful and joyous revelations that a middle-aged woman, Rosemary, makes about her past after a serendipitous meeting with a sister …

11 February 2018

Bash’d’s Richard

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Shakespeare Bash’d production of Richard III at the Monarch Tavern was just the thing for one of these wintry February nights. In contrast to the weight of the play, the …

09 February 2018

MDLSX: a One-of-a-Kind Journey at Progress

By // Theatre (Toronto)

MDLSX, produced by Italian theatre company Motus, bravely opened the Progress Festival at Toronto’s Theatre Centre. It certainly lives up to the festival’s intentions. Just like Progress brings together theatre …

03 February 2018

Nightwood & Sulong’s Calpurnia

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Calpurnia is a meta play written and directed by Audrey Dwyer, a black Torontonian woman, about Julie, an upper class black Torontonian woman who is writing an updated version of …

01 February 2018

This is a Review: Declarations

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Declarations, a new show by celebrated Toronto Playwright Jordan Tannahill, is yet another testament to the author’s ability to present innovative, new theatre. A fascinating meeting of text and movement—of the …

28 January 2018

Agnus: A Familiar Dystopia

By // Theatre (New York)

In Ise Lyfe and Matt Werner’s new play Agnus, everything about 2047 feels unnervingly familiar. A soothing artificial intelligence called “Sequoyah” relays information upon command, screen-obsessed citizens are stirred into fervors …

24 January 2018

Bears at the Theatre Centre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Theatre Centre has started 2018 off with a bang. Bears, the newest creation by Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts and Punctuate! Theatre, is everything you could hope for in a …

21 January 2018

SpongeBob SquarePants on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

He lives in a pineapple under the sea and now that pineapple has come to Broadway. The new Broadway musical SpongeBob SquarePants is perhaps the best musical that it could be given …

15 January 2018

Dave Deveau’s Funny Valentine at Buddies

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Originally written (and performed) by Dave Deveau, My Funny Valentine is a play based around the true story of a gay teen who was killed by his classmate in 2008. …

13 January 2018

On Stage in TO: Til Death Do You Part

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Death and marriage are all the rage on Toronto stages at the moment with four current productions totally preoccupied with one or both. The most prominent is Groundling Theatre Company’s …

08 January 2018

Next Stage, 2018: Part III

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Good Morning, Viet Mom “I can’t talk about my mom without talking about my dad. I can’t talk about my dad without talking about the divorce. I can’t talk about …

08 January 2018

Next Stage, 2018: The Antechamber

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The antechamber shows are short, 30 mins pieces, and some of my favourite Next Stage offerings. This year brought two high-energy clown pieces. Leila Live A self-described “real life Persian …

08 January 2018

Next Stage, 2018: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Harold Experience This Assembly Improv show invokes the Harold Technique of audience participation to get suggestions from the crowd on which the theme of the show is based. The …

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