Weird: The Witches of Macbeth
Weird: The Witches of Macbeth

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Weird: The Witches of Macbeth (A)
Absolutely exquisite and mind blowing in its execution, Weird is the story of Macbeth as told from the perspective of the three witches. This play is a visual treat, with the three actresses performing arial stunts throughout the performance, as well as a variety of other acrobatics. Not just for die hard Shakespearians, this play is absolutely dark, comical, thought provoking and inspiring, all in equal measure. I was immediately drawn into the action and didn’t cease being amazed until the final curtain call.

What?! You’re A Medium? (B-)
Equal parts psychic reading and an instructive seminar on the art of being a medium, Carolyn tells a fantastic story of her early life and training as a medium. Peppered throughout her anecdotes she connects with the audience, looking at photos and talking about the people who she hears – to sometimes mixed results. It is a odd thing to experience something so personal in an auditorium setting, which takes away from the readings themselves. Nevertheless, an interesting lecture on paranormal phenomena and the business of psychic.

Crux (B-)
Incredibly high concept, and one of the most ambitious works I’ve seen to date. The format is unusual but effective, as the viewer has the choice of what character to follow around the space (a choose-your-own-adventure play, if you will). While the director suggests following one character for maximum impact, I am drawn in about 7 different directions. It is definitely a production that one would need to attend a number of times to get the full effect. The actors are incredible to watch, and though the dialogue and plot lines are reminiscent of a bad teen movie they are a joy to watch.

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