Mark Kreder

Click Here to read the rest of our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2023.    Hullaboo And The End of Everything (A) Andrew Wade has written a special show with Hullaboo And The End of Everything. It is a beautiful piece that Wade and fellow cast mate, Bonnie Duff do a great job bringing to life. Their […]

  Kelly Bedard

Presented for just four days at the versatile and dance-friendly Crows Guloien Theatre, X (Dix) is a robust and balanced showcase for five dancers of varied stylistic backgrounds who come together as a cohesive ensemble each with their own moment in designer Simon Rossiter’s inventive, geometric light. Rossiter’s work pairs with Son Lux’s music to […]

Commissioned by Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Beautiful Renegades tells the somewhat indulgent story of the company that came before Peggy Baker Dance Projects as they made a mark on Toronto’s limited dance scene in the 1970s. There are long sequences of contemporary dance adapted from actual works staged at the time spliced between scenes written […]

  Kymberley Feltham

I don’t think it can be overstated what a pleasure it is to return as an audience member to a live dance performance or how magical it is to attend a well curated program presented in the High Park Amphitheatre. Making my way to the venue on a Thursday evening to meet up with a […]

  Kymberley Feltham

Red Sky Performance’s AF is true to brand a force of nature. The rhythm is urgent, the energy is youthful, and the choreography showcases the athleticism of the dancers. The driving beat of the vocals and percussion carries an urgent intensity throughout the work, with the dancers using percussive movements heavily influenced by locking and […]

  Amy Strizic

Seeing a compilation show from the ‘Compagnie Marie Chouinard’ was just as deliciously weird as I hoped it would be. Heralded as one of Canada’s greatest dancers and choreographers, hers has been a household name since I donned my first ballet slippers. Growing up, the name Marie Chouinard always held cachet, reverence, and was almost […]

  Amy Strizic

Onstage at the inspiring Citadel + Compagnie, Kate Hilliard’s production of this happened… is personal, thoughtful, and dreamlike. The opening scene is striking and powerful, and the audience is pulled in and intrigued as the gestural movements begin to translate more and more into words, a conversation. Hilliard has gathered a group of wonderful artists […]

  Jackie Houghton

Jennifer Dallas, Artistic Director of Kẹmi Contemporary Dance Projects, says that she is inspired by choreographers who are playing in the cracks between disciplines. Dallas herself has been able to turn this “playing” into award-winning productions. In Kittly-Bender she successfully brought the worlds of dance and theatrical clowning together on stage, exciting audiences and winning […]