10 December 2017

On Stage in TO: Small to Big

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I went back and forth on the title of this On Stage in TO roundup, the options being “small to big” and “best to worst” because both descriptions apply to …

23 November 2017

The National Ballet’s Winter’s Tale: a multi-cast review

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Featuring vivid characters and a dramatic story of jealousy, love, and redemption, The National Ballet of Canada’s adaptation of The Winter’s Tale is a beautifully choreographed, magical ballet that absolutely …

20 November 2017

The Punisher

By // TV

*moderate spoilers ahead* Some of my earliest memories of the Marvel comics character ‘The Punisher’ come from the old PlayStation 2 game. A gritty third-person shooter where you could have …

11 November 2017

Big Fish at The Other Palace

By // Theatre (London)

The 2003 Tim Burton film of Big Fish is one that I have watched many times and grow fonder of with every viewing. I know it well, and so my …

29 October 2017

Star Trek: Discovery, Ep 6: Lethe

By // TV

“Lethe” is an interesting oddity in Discovery so far, in that it feels the most like a stand-alone episode we’ve seen to date. We get to see some major character …

25 October 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy, Ep 4: Who Needs You

By // Games

Guardians of the Galaxy Episode Four: Who Needs You has a serious identity crisis going on: at first, it seems like one of the most legitimately episodic adventures do date, …

25 October 2017

Glassheart: A Modern Tale as Old as Time

By // Theatre (New York)

Fractured fairy tales. Re-imagined classics. Call them what you will but traditional fairy tales have been reincarnated again and again through various mediums. They have been parodied, merchandised by the …

20 October 2017

Off-Mirvish: Salt-Water Moon

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Director Ravi Jain’s adaptation of Salt-Water Moon distills the classic Canadian play by David French to its essence: two lovers under a star-filled sky. The story centers on the return …

18 October 2017

On Stage in TO: Family Matters

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (National Theatre presented by Mirvish Productions) I saw the UK’s National Theatre production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in …

18 October 2017

The Adventures of Tom Shadow

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Theatre Lab’s new musical comedy, currently onstage at the Factory Studio Theatre, can be summarized in one word: clever. The title- The Adventures of Tom Shadow- suggests a Peter Pan-type protagonist and a …

01 October 2017

Let’s Go! A G_dot Prequel

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Aptly timed, this DMT Productions prequel to Waiting for Godot is currently playing at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace while Soulpepper’s production of Beckett’s play is starting to wrap up. …

28 September 2017

Theatre Inamorata’s Gray

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The social world envisioned by Oscar Wilde in his famous novel is overpopulated with vain and calculating social-climbers. It remains a merciless, appropriately florid thesis on how desire and vanity …

28 September 2017

Mirvish presents North by Northwest Live

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Heading into this show, I wasn’t convinced I would like it. I haven’t, I will admit, watched many Alfred Hitchcock films, and the play seemed a bit like it might …

26 September 2017

Pilot Watch: Star Trek Discovery

By // TV

Damn it’s exciting to have Star Trek back on TV. With last night’s premiere, Star Trek Discovery has finally stepped into the public eye, after years of secrecy, delays, staff …

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