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  Kelly Bedard

How great is it to hear Kristin Bell’s voice on TV again? GREAT. Now I refused to read the books, they were a little too chick lit trashy for me but all my snobbish sensibilities could not keep me away from the series premiere of Gossip Girl on The CW. And I have to admit- […]

  Kelly Bedard

I really like Kid Nation!!! These kids are amazing. Even the ones you’re really not supposed to like (ie: Greg) have moments where they’re awesome (helping out the kid with the muscle spasm, offering to be Jimmy’s wing man, helping the younger kids on his team during the challenge, his pride in Sophia when she […]

Pilot Watch: Back to You, a return to the classic sitcom

The series premiere of Back to You was this week and I have to say…. thank god. This show was lovely. It wasn’t innovative, it wasn’t memorable, and it wasn’t brilliant but it was good and it was familiar.   The sitcom King (Kelsey Grammar- Cheers/Frasier) and Queen (Patricia Heaton– Everybody Loves Raymond) together with […]

  Kelly Bedard

I’ve just finished previewing the second season premier of Friday Night Lights (airing on NBC on Friday, Oct 5 @9pm). Its not as great as the first season but still wonderful. The complex characters and relationships are still there. Julie faces a dilemma in her relationship with Matt that Ive seen happen to real-life couples […]

CBS MONDAY COMEDIES: How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory

My favourite show currently on the air is (no secret here: How I Met Your Mother). I was, however, disappointed in last night’s third season premier. While still better than most sitcoms out there (see the second half of this post), last night’s HIMYM was not up to their usual standard. After re-watching the entire […]

Prison Break episode 2
  Kelly Bedard

Last night’s second episode of the Prison Break season was certainly meh. The sleuthing should not be left to Lincoln. Susan B Anthony is clearly ridiculous- first off she’s completely unbelievable as an agent of whatever she’s an agent of, she’s also played by the bitchy prom queen from She’s All That, please. I hate […]

  Kelly Bedard

I just finished watching the first season of Friday Night Lights on and can I just say it is not in the least bit over hyped by all those critics who’ve been swearing by its brilliance for a year. I’m the last person to ever watch something about football. I’m the last person to […]

  Kelly Bedard

As premieres rain upon us I thought Id give you an idea of what I’m going to be watching this season (because that’s what I’ll be talking about but its also what you should watch… hint, hint). RETURNING SHOWS: – Brothers & Sisters – Desperate Housewives – Prison Break – How I Met Your Mother […]