The funniest, most self aware, sweetest thing in a long time.

Raja is my new favourite person in the whole world (yes I know he’s fictional, but he’s soo sweet)

Since becoming the CW, the WB has lost much of its former glory. The very glory that brought us such wonderful teen and/or family based entertainment as Buffy, Angel, Popular, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, Charmed, Everwood, Jack & Bobby and Gilmore girls.

Their new season doesn’t promise a return to what it once was but Gossip Girl offers up some fluffy entertainment on average with the early years of One Tree Hill (something I used to be addicted to and now watch out of loyalty to what it once was) and Aliens in America promises to be a wonderful sitcom (one of the top 5 on air easily).

Love seeing Luke from Gilmore girls back on the screen alongside Annie from Caroline in the City (an old favourite of mine) and the young cast is wonderful as well. Hopefully the show will keep up what the pilot established as wonderful characters in a satirical but achingly honest world.