18 May 2009

My Current Actor Obsession

By // TV

25-year-old South African actor Adhir Kalyan was the best thing about the best new (and cancelled) show of the 2007-2008 TV season, Aliens in America. As Raja, the Pakistani exchange …


02 April 2008

Aliens in America: love, love, love

By // TV

Ongoing tensions between American and Islamic culture came to a head in yet another lovely episode of Aliens in Americathis week on The CW. With fewer laugh-out-loud moments than one …

20 March 2008

Aliens in America- Community Theatre

By // TV

I’ve officially decided that Aliens in America is the sweetest show on the air. It has more heart packed into its 22 comedy-filled minutes a week than most shows have …

04 March 2008

New Sitcom Episodes- YAY!!!

By // TV

feeling the strike blues? The CW has a new episode of “Aliens in America” posted entitled “Church”. It’s the Christmas episode that’s only just been posted but it’s HILARIOUS. Check …

10 October 2007

Aliens in America

By // TV

The funniest, most self aware, sweetest thing in a long time. Raja is my new favourite person in the whole world (yes I know he’s fictional, but he’s soo sweet) …

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