A true TV aholic doesn’t just watch television. They read blogs, they subscribe to TV magazines and most importantly they listen to podcasts. Here’s the breakdown of what I listen to.

1) The TV Addict: Daniel Malen’s website and accompanying podcast is great. The new co-host Renessa is wonderful and brings the podcast up to a whole new level. It’s less off topic banter and more TV analysis. They’re in Toronto and not TV professionals, just big fans so its very personal, like talking to your friends about your favourite TV shows.

2) The TV Guide Podcast: THE place for TV news and a bit of analysis. Michael Ausiello is the TV scoop king even if I don’t always agree with him. It’s really suffering since they lost Dan and Angel but so long as Maitland is still there it’s still worth a listen. They also do a brief overview of the new movies in theatres.

3) The Official Scrubs Podcast: Every episode two members of the cast, crew or production team do an audio commentary of that week’s episode. They’re fun and insightful into the world of the Scrubs set. If you tape the episode it works to watch the show on low volume while you listen to the podcast so you know what part they’re referencing.

4+5) The Official Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice Podcasts: executive producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers talk about the show. They provide great insight and it’s fun to get a sense of what the people behind such hit shows are like. This is also the place for interviews with cast members.

6) Big Brother On The House: if you’re addicted to Big Brother, these 3 friends from different corners of America record together live after every episode (3 a week). listeners can call in live or record a voice mail. They can also chat live or email in comments. The three of them are a great balance: Joey is funny and lighthearted, Mike is analytical and cynical, Amanda keeps them both in line and they all sympathize with different players in the game and have different views on their strategies. Definitely the best of all the Big Brother podcasts.

Last but not least…

My TV podcast!!!!!!!!: my very own podcast where I talk about my favourite shows and what I think isn’t worth watching. You can download my podcast from iTunes at the following link: