We’re far enough into the new television season at this point for me to provide my picks for what you should be watching this season. They are as follows (in order of scheduling):

Brothers & Sisters (Sun, 10, ABC)
How I Met Your Mother (Mon, 8, CBS)
Prison Break (Mon, 8, FOX)
Pushing Daisies (Wed, 8, ABC)
Kid Nation (Wed, 8, CBS)
Private Practice (Wed, 9, ABC)
Gossip Girl (Wed, 9, CW)
Ugly Betty (Thurs, 8, ABC)
30 Rock (Thurs, 8:30, NBC)
The Office (Thurs, 9, NBC)
Grey’s Anatomy (Thurs, 9, ABC)
Big Shots (Thurs, 10, ABC)
Friday Night Lights (Fri, 9, NBC)

and if you have the time, also worth a watch are (in order of Merit)…

Aliens in America (Mon, 8:30, CW)
Journeyman (Mon, 10, NBC)
Boston Legal (Tues, 10, ABC)
House (Tues, 9, FOX)
Back to You (Wed, 8, FOX)

please don’t take offense. I gave up on Desperate Housewives 2 seasons ago, The Simpsons and Family Guy are best if watched in syndication when bored, I found Chuck underwhelming, Bionic Woman horrifying, The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement boring, Bones is too procedural, Men in Trees was formulaic, Smallville bored me after 2 seasons, Two and a Half Men is simply not funny, I gave up on Heroes but have every intention of returning if only for Kristen Bell and I simply never tuned in to K-Ville, Everybody Hates Chris, Reaper, Bones, Cane, Dirty Sexy Money, Life, Supernatural, Moonlight or anything else not aforementioned.