From July 5-16, six of our Toronto staffers- Kelly Bedard, Duncan Derry, Lisa McKeown, Mary-Margaret Scrimger, Lorenzo Pagnotta and Chelsea Dinsmore- reviewed 100+ plays in this year’s Fringe Festival. We gave out more A grades than ever before in the best-reviewed Fringe we’ve ever seen. Click on the links to read more.

The Reviews (in alphabetical order)

13 Ways The World Ends (B+)
32 Short Sketches About Bees (A)
4.48 Psychosis (C)
6 Quick Dick Tricks (B+)
A Flea in Her Ear (B-)
About Time (A-)
All Things Need Saying (D)
Alone in this Together (B)
Am I Pretty Now? (B-)
And Then It Happened (C-)
Becoming Me (B)
Bendy Sign Tavern (A-)
Butt Kapinski (A)
Caitlin & Eric Are Broken Up (A-)
Contagious (C)
D&D Yoga (C)
Dear Uncle Wish (B+)
Delirium (A)
Earth Tourist (C+)
Everything There is to Know (C+)
Falling Angel (A)
Fastcar: Man of Action (B-)
For the Love of Pie (B)
Graham Clark’s Not Here (F)
Grey (A)
Hands Down (A-)
Happy Birthday Benjamin Holloway (B)
Happy Family (C)
Heather Eli & Dance Co. (C)
High Park Noir (C+)
Hyena Subpoena (A-)
I Am Hope (A-)
I ate the sandbox (C-)
In Search of Cruise Control (A)
In Sundry Languages (B+)
Interstellar Elder (A-)
It’s My Penis and I’ll Cry if I Want to (B-)
Kara Sevda (A)
Lantern Tales from the Ottawa Valley (B-)
Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons (A-)
Les Murs Ont Des Yeux (C+)
Letters to Annabelle (B+)
Life’s a Betch (C)
Love and Information (B+)
Lover Lover (B+)
Lysistrata (A-)
Macbeth Muet (A+)
Macbeth’s Head (A-)
Maddie’s Karaoke Birthday Party (A)
Madeleine Says Sorry (B)
Magical Mystery Detour (A)
Moonlight After Midnight (A)
Motherland (B)
Multiple Organism (A-)
Murder in the Cottonwoods (B)
Nasty Woman (A-)
Not Enough (B-)
Nourishment (A-)
Odd One Out (A-)
Office Hours (B-)
Olive Copperbottom (B-)
On the Inside (A-)
Open Rescue: The Play (C+)
Operation SUNshine (B)
Palestineman (B+)
Perfect Couples (B)
A Peter N’ Chris-tmas Carol (A)
Picaza (A)
Pillow Talk (B+)
Pineapple Club (B+)
Plague: a sic love story (C) 
Plays in Cafes (C)
Post No Bills (C)
Real Actors. Not People. (A)
Recall (A)
Rise/Fall (C)
Rough Magic (A-)
Scat (C+)
Seeking Refuge (C-)
Self-Ish (B+)
Show Your Flames (A)
Singing to my Left Kidney (B)
Snap! (A-)
soaring in liquid skies (B+)
Songs for a New World Order (A-)
Special Constables (B+)
Ten Creative Ways to Dispose of Your Cremains (B+)
The “F” Word (B+)
The Balding (B)
The Diddlin’ Bibbles (A-)
The Door (B-)
The Fateful Agenda (B)
The Food Project (A-)
The Life Henri (A-)
The Miserable Worm (B+)
The Moaning Yoni (B)
The Night Hart Crane Kissed Me (C+)
The Resurrectionists (B)
The Seat Next to the King (A)
The Teeny Tiny Music Show (B-)
This is Not She (A-)
Three Dates and a Flooded Basement (C)
Traffic Jams (C-)
True North Mixtape (A)
Universal Horrors (B)
Vasily Djokavich: Russia’s #1 State Approved Comedian (B)
Weaksauce (A)
Welcome to the Bunker (A-)
Wild/Walled (A-)
You Are Perfect (B+)