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11 June 2014

Pretty Little Liars: Season Five Premiere

By // TV

After four seasons of mystery and deception, the season five premier of Pretty Little Liars breathed new life into the show, while simultaneously taking the life of another. After being …

15 May 2014

Season Wrap Up: Revenge

By // TV

If you’re a fan of Revenge, you probably already knew that the show was renewed for a forth season late last week. You also know that the finale aired last …

09 April 2014

Chicago Fire Shocker

By // TV

I look forward to watching Chicago Fire every week, and when it’s not on I’m sad about having a little less ChiFi in my life. I always know I am …

31 March 2014

How Ted Finally Met The Mother

By // TV

How I Met Your Mother finally ended its nine-year run this week with an hour finale that makes you appreciate Dexter’s and Seinfeld’s a little more. Okay, not that much, …

07 March 2014

Vampire Diaries: Gone Girl

By // TV

Well, the Kat is out of the bag. The bag here being Elena’s body and the joke being not funny when I have to explain it. But alas, Katherine Pierce …

25 February 2014

Season So Far: Shameless

By // TV

The greatest thing about Shameless is that the first three minutes of the show are edgier than anything else on television right now. Instead of the typical “Last time on…” …

08 February 2014

Chicago PD so far

By // TV

Recently, my media professor said that we were in the “Age of television.” He said the 70’s had the movies, the 90’s had hip-hop and we have TV. Then he …

06 February 2014

Looking Back at The Fall of Troy

By // TV

Community is back to its comedic roots, but not without some key losses along the way. Last season, we lost Pierce (Chevy Chase) and this season, Pierce died and took …

22 January 2014

Hart of Dixie 3.10

By // TV

If it weren’t for the CW, I would still be so narrow minded as to think that doctors actually did any work. Thank goodness Hart of Dixie breaks down barriers …

05 January 2014

Community Season 5 Premiere

By // TV

Of all the shows that walk the fine line of will-it-or-won’t-it get cancelled, Community is the one I’ll never understand. It’s about as smart a comedy as we get these …

17 December 2013

Mid-Season Finale: Revenge

By // TV

Recently, my roommates and I were discussing our Sunday night television shows. We all felt the need to clarify that they were guilty pleasures, but were also really good. But …

14 December 2013

Mid-Season Finale: Grey’s Anatomy

By // TV

Mid-season finale time is probably the best time for television; the show ends explosively, but the viewers need not wait four long, agonizing months to find out what happened. We …

06 December 2013

The Vampire Diaries 509 “The Cell”

By // TV

This week’s Vampire Diaries was loaded with deadly flashbacks and one cute new vampire. Remember, good looking is a requirement on any CW show. In “The Cell,” Damon and Elena …

28 November 2013

How I Met Your Mother 911 “Bedtime Stories”

By // TV

When an episode of television attempts a gimmick, it can either succeed or fail with no in between. Luckily for How I Met Your Mother’s “Bedtime Stories,” the all-rhyming episode, …

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