Kelly2016Kelly Bedard

Managing Editor
Kelly graduated from Boston University with a degree in communications, but what she really acquired in those 4 years away from her beloved Toronto was a body of television review work consisting of 1000+ posts and labeled “My TV”, mostly the product of hours watching Buffy instead of writing essays. Her overdeveloped love of Shakespeare and musical theatre led her to create sister site “My Theatre” in 2010. Film and Books followed, as did Sports when her baseball obsession got the better of her. New additions Music and Games rounded out the family and led to the creation of umbrella site My Entertainment World, where the thorough reader can gain an impossibly detailed understanding of Kelly’s every thought and feeling. About Everything. Kelly works as a writer and couch potato in Toronto where she lives with her husband and their anti-social dog Elphaba.


TheresaTheresa Perkins

Editor- Theatre (NYC)
Theresa is a Boston University School of Law graduate turned “Wall Street type” with a passion for adventurous travel and escaping into the brilliance that is live theatre. An unapologetic Sherlock Holmes fanatic, she lives in a New York City apartment that resembles Arrested Development’s “Wee Britain” circa 1891. She also has a bad habit of getting Oreo milkshakes delivered at 2 am and encouraging friends to act impulsively. In addition to her J.D., Theresa holds a B.S. in Political Science from Truman State University. Theresa is the head of Theatre’s New York City division and a member of the American Theatre Critics Association.


Adam Mcdonnell

Editor- Theatre (London)
Adam works in London as a Political Research Manager for the opinion pollsters YouGov. He studied Economics at Bath University where he was heavily involved in the student musical theatre society, directing and performing in many shows, and co-authoring a musical with three other students. While he is yet to tread the boards again himself since leaving university, Adam is incredibly grateful to have London’s unique and diverse theatre scene on his doorstep. Adam is the head of Theatre’s London division.


FabiFabiana Cabral

Editor- Theatre (Boston), Books
Fabiana Cabral hails from Caracas, Venezuela, and has been living in Boston since 2006. Some stranger examples of her previous employment locations include a summer camp in a Venezuelan desert, the mental ward of a British hospital, the National Center for PTSD, and King’s Chapel on Boston’s Freedom Trail. She got her MA in English at Boston College, focusing on Early Modern drama and translation studies. She has been acting with student and independent Boston-based companies since 2008. When not working, writing, or performing, you’ll probably find her drinking at Emmet’s Pub. Fabiana is the head of Theatre’s Boston division.


Rachael NisenkierRachael Nisenkier

Editor- Film
Rachael spent four years studying film and slackerdom at Boston University, before taking her pop culture knowledge and penchant for binging on teen dramas on the road. She’s lived in the home of The Wire, the birthplace of The Simpsons, and the land that gave birth to Pedro Almodovar, but she’s now residing in Southern California, which has no connections with pop culture whatsoever. She’s a writer by day and may or may not be a superhero by night. Rachael is the head writer for Film and the founding author of Books as well as one of the original contributors to TV.


Saiya Floyd

Senior Staff Writer- TV
Saiya is a graduate of Boston University and has a degree in Film and Television. When she’s not busy procrastinating, she writes screenplays and hopes to one day make money from doing this. Saiya enjoys movies, musicals, and Shakespeare. Her hobbies include marathoning (TV shows), napping, and getting too emotionally invested in fictional characters. Saiya specializes in British and genre series.


Marty Chodorek HeadshotMarty Chodorek

Senior Staff Writer – Books, TV, Theatre (Toronto)
Born and raised in Toronto, Marty is a graduate of the Ryerson Theatre School’s Acting program and a founding member of Toronto’s geekiest theatre company, Monkeyman Productions. When he’s not enthusiastically talking about his favourite comic books, he can be found praying to the football gods for a Buffalo Bills win or daydreaming about playing tabletop RPGs. An incurable optimist, it is unlikely he will ever give up on the good times.


Tim CollinsTim Collins

Senior Staff Writer – TV, Books
Tim is one of the many millennial post-college wanderers who is still trying to figure out his life. At the moment, he is an educator by day, book reader by evening, and TV watcher by night. Tim lives in Boston and never plans on leaving.


Chris Behmke

Staff Writer- Theatre (NYC), Sports
Chris is a professional actor and singer based out of New York City. Chris has performed both internationally (Germany, Paris, Toronto, Indonesia), and in almost every one of the United States. He was recently on the 1st Broadway National Tour of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder. Other notable credits include Tony on the International Tour of West Side Story, The Emcee in Cabaret, and Marius in Les Mis among other regional credits. Chris also works with Project Creo, an international non-profit organization that uses the arts to teach children to be more loving and more creative. Chris is happy to be a contributor to Theatre’s NYC branch. Chris is also an avid sports fan, mostly of baseball and the NBA, and occasionally moonlights as a contributor to Sports. Chris is a proud graduate of Boston University.


Lita Brillman

Staff Writer- TV
Lita is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, where she dedicated her time to dance and writing about social identity in pop culture. Lita is particularly interested in representations of social identities on television, and how reality TV influences culture and politics. She is also the host of the So You Think You Can Dance RHAPup and the cohost of the Dancing with the Stars and American Ninja Warrior RHAPup on Rob Has a Podcast, where she also occasionally provides coverage of Big Brother and various other reality TV shows. Apart from TV, Lita is passionate about board games, trivia, animal rights, and the Pittsburgh Penguins, all of which she frequently tweets about @LitaTweeted.


Laura Carlyon

Staff Writer- Theatre (London)
Laura works in Research and Insight at an Out of Home media Company in the West End. She studied Sociology at Bath University and has a Masters in Research. During Laura’s time at University she was a part of the Musical Theatre society, taking part in many shows as well as enjoying playing the piano and singing in her spare time. Laura has also started performing her work at Open Mic nights in London and is very much looking forward to her role in reviewing and furthering her interests in the Arts and Theatre


DuncanDuncan Derry

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
Duncan graduated with a specialist BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Toronto, and during his time at the school performed in and helped stage various theatrical productions, including Dr Faustus, TV Dinner, and No Exit. He also written theatre reviews for Intermission Toronto. He, like Michelle Williams’ character in that Sarah Polley movie, lives in Toronto.


Chelsea Dinsmore

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
Chelsea received an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and, like many before her, wondered what to do with a degree in English before pursuing a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Western Ontario. A corporate librarian by day, Chelsea indulges her passion for theatre and the ballet by night. An avid reader, she spends her spare time wondering why Goodreads hasn’t added half stars ratings yet, blogging about books, and binge-watching shows on Netflix. Aging out of the DanceBreak program was one of the saddest days of her life.


KymberleyKymberley Feltham

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
As a Performance Studies researcher, Kymberley is interested in the performance practices of South African contemporary dance and theatre makers who are creating in the context of postapartheid change and development. Her research focuses on these types of performance as agents of social change, specifically looking at how sociopolitical issues are embodied and disseminated through contemporary dance and theatre . She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University, Montreal, 2005, and a Master of Arts (MA) in Communication Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, 2009. She is currently pursuing a PhD in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at York University, Toronto.


TheaThea Fitz-James

Staff Writer – Theatre (Toronto)
Anthea Fitz-James is an artist/academic based out of Toronto. She holds a MA in Theatre Studies from York University, a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College, and a BA in Honours English from McGill University. Feeling no need to self define, Thea has experience as a performance artist, actress, director, producer, journalist, academic and theatre reviewer. This past year, she has performed with Hub14, FADO, and The Storefront Theatre; spoken at graduate colloquiums at Ryerson and York as well as at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research at Brock; and has been published in Canadian Theatre Review; all while directing 8-year-olds in 2 musicals. In the fall, she is excited to be beginning her PhD in performance studies at York University, where she will be exploring alternative feminist performances of knitting.


Alexander Franks

Staff Writer – Theatre (Toronto)
Alexander is a Canadian Theatre Artist with work in both classical and contemporary theatre. Working both on the stage and off stage. He has a passion for new contemporary work and re-imagining the classics to speak to a more modern audience. In 2016 he ran away to England after finishing at Brock University to get an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Since returning home, he is delighted to have worked as a producer, actor, dramaturg and assistant director with companies such as Spur Of The Moment Shakespeare Collective, Fu-Gen Asian Canadian Theatre, Bard in the Park and rePLAY. He is excited for the development of new Canadian Work that tells stories that have not yet been told and opening dialogues that need to be had. He is also passionate about accessibility in theatre and working towards inclusive spaces where creativity and inspiration can thrive.


Adam Fraser

Staff Writer – Sports
Adam joins the Sports team with a “build-through-the-draft” attitude but a lot of “win-now” habits. He’s born and raised in Toronto and has the demeanor to prove it. He studied English and Theatre at U of T, is now doing a Psychology degree at Ryerson, and is looking forward to applying all those relevant skills to writing about hockey. See you in the bleachers!


VyasarVyasar Ganesan

Staff Writer- Film, TV
Vyasar is a writer from Austin, TX. He’s been published in various places, including the National Gallery of Writing, Agave Magazine and Long Story Short (see publications page for more details). He has an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University. His specific literary interests are amateur engineering, food writing, Indian life in America and travel writing, among other fields.


Rachel Ganz

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto), Books
Rachel Ganz is a playwright, blogger, and essayist. She is an Ashkenazi Jewish, white, cis female, blind mental health survivor. Her work focuses on writing about disability and womanhood, particularly from a Jewish perspective. She is a graduated of the playwriting program at The National Theatre School of Canada and is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Non-Fiction at the University of King’s College where she is writing a post-Holocaust memoir about intergenerational trauma. Rachel’s recent works include: Blip-Temple-Pit-Mara (2019), The Queen’s Eulogy (2017), Plucked (2016), Eddie I Hate You (2016).


Jack Graham

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto/London)
A recent transfer to Toronto from London, Jack is a journalist. He first caught the theatre bug at Oxford University, performing in plays and musicals at a variety of venues – from the Oxford Playhouse to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. When Jack’s not writing about politics or the theatre, he sings with AfterParty acapella, with gigs around the UK and Europe.


Laura Anne Harris

Staff Writer- Film
Laura is a writer/performer/director, born and raised in Victoria, B.C. Laura trained at the University of Victoria’s Acting program and graduated in 2007. Laura wrote and starred in Pitch Blond at the 2007 Victoria Fringe Festival where she won the 2007 Critic’s Choice Award for ‘Best Fringe Production.’ Pitch Blond chronicles actor Judy Holliday’s testimony during Senator Joseph McCarthy’s inquisitions. Since then she has performed this production to a sold-out run at the 2008 Uno Festival in Victoria, B.C., the Sunset Theatre (Wells, B.C.), the Chutzpah Festival (Vancouver, B.C.), the 2009 Femfest (Winnipeg, MB) and the 2011 Oh Solo Mio Festival (London, ON). In January 2013, Pitch Blond was one of the top grossing shows featured at Toronto’s Next Stage Theatre Festival. In 2013, Laura debuted her newest solo show The Homemaker at the 2013 Wakefield TaDa Festival of New Works, and premiered the show in Toronto at the 25th Annual Toronto Fringe Festival. Now Magazine listed her as one of the top 10 artists to watch at the Toronto Fringe. This past April, Laura remounted this new play in Toronto at the Storefront Theatre, and preformed in Regina, SK as part of Hectik Theatre’s Annual Season. In October 2014, Laura’s first full-length play Red/Rouge held a one hour workshop presentation at the IF Festival in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as a full workshop presentation at Toronto’s Storefront Theatre.


Dom Harvey

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
Dom obtained a BA in politics, philosophy, and economics from the University of Oxford and a MA in computer science at the University of Bristol but still didn’t know what to do with himself, so he packed up his life and came to Toronto. When he isn’t writing or reading about TV and other media he’s usually podcasting about them, playing games of some kind, or being mistaken for Australian by border guards and cab drivers.


Mark Gibbons-LevyJason Hellerman

Staff Writer- TV, Film
Jason graduated from Penn State university and received his MFA in Screenwriting from Boston University. Originally from outside Philadelphia, Jason can be seen at any of the local LA bars in an out of town uniform rooting for the wrong team. In his spare time he likes to yell at the people who get questions wrong on Cash Cab, find new coffee shops, and walk in the park. Besides a strong background in Film, Jason is also the proud owner of an extensive comic book collection and a high cholesterol level. In 2013, his screenplay Shovel Buddies made the top ten of the annual Black List. Shovel Buddies was purchased and produced by AwesomenessTV and debuted at the SXSW film festival in 2016 starring Bella Thorne.


Mathew HijaziJace Hijazi

Staff Writer – Music, Theatre (Toronto)
Jace is a ravenous consumer of media. Constantly in flux between his various passions, he’s spent most of his life cultivating an eclectic expertise in underground music, film, and video games, pouring more hours into them than is responsible for a functioning adult. Jace is a graduate of the Video Game Development program at George Brown College, and is currently working as a QA Technician in Toronto while going to as many concerts as is humanly possible.


Jackie Houghton

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
Jackie is a writer focusing on contemporary circus arts performance and development, and an elementary school teacher. She attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, receiving her B.A., Journalism in 2001, and later her Masters of Education from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, in 2007. As a writer for Femmes du Feu and Circus Sessions, Jackie has had articles about the residency published in American Circus Educators (A.C.E.) magazine, on the website Circus Talk, and various blogs. She has also provided social media content for Circus Sessions and Circus Talk, on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Jackie also writes reviews for Circus Diaries, A U.K.-based website focusing on the promotion of circus arts around the world. She hopes to continue to use her voice to bring the world’s attention to the ever-burgeoning contemporary circus community in Toronto, Canada.


Will KeatonWillie Keaton

Staff Writer- Theatre (NYC)
Willie, a legal assistant by day, is a playwright and screenwriter by night who has visited nearly 300 worlds over the past 15 years courtesy of the New York theatre, with a floor-to-ceiling stack of passports – er, Playbills – in his studio apartment to prove it. Unfortunately, for him, the hard part of each journey has always been the return trip – when the curtain falls, the lights go up, and real life resumes, with no pipeline for sharing the nitty-gritties of all he surveyed (and whether the trip had been worth it in the first place). He’s confident this will be just the outlet he needs.


Leeman KesslerLeeman Kessler

Staff Writer- Games
Born in Nigeria, schooled in the States and United Kingdom, and currently treading the Toronto boards, Leeman Kessler is a member of Monkeyman Productions and a dedicated geek. His favourite roles include HP Lovecraft, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and King Kong. When he’s not acting, gaming, karaokeing, or drooling in front of Netflix, he…well okay, he doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot else. Just ask his wife.


Will King

Staff Writer- Film
Will is an actor, writer, and director from Toronto, Ontario. He was born with an unquenchable thirst for film. After years of experimental and imaginative surgery, doctors have recommended that he stays as close to the industry as possible, so this works great. Will is also Artistic Director of Seven Siblings Theatre, and is fascinated by works within the realm of Fantastic Realism.


Mark Kreder

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
Mark Kreder is an artist based out of Toronto. He graduated from The University of Windsor’s BFA- Acting Program in 2014. Since arriving in Toronto, Mark has worn many hats in the arts community and is thrilled to add one more to the list. When Mark is not on stage, he can be found teaching on his YouTube channel, The ScienceFACTion Show. See you at the theatre!


Brian Law

Staff Writer- Theatre (London)
Brian is a Canadian actor and international development consultant who has been based in London (UK) since 2013. He has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami, and a Master of Public Administration (Economic Policy) from the London School of Economics. He’s put on a lot of hats over his lifetime (figuratively, of course – he doesn’t look good in hats), but he’s always been an avid theatre-goer, ever since his early years in Toronto forcing his parents to take him to see Phantom of the Opera and The Beauty and the Beast over and over again.


Alisha Maclean

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
Alisha is a Toronto-based movement enthusiast who specializes in circus, primarily aerial rope and silks. Performing in Nuit Blanche, and at various functions such as fundraisers and weddings has helped her bridge the divide between hobby and profession. Her affinity for writing has followed her throughout her life, with humble (and likely embarrassing) beginnings in online forums that thankfully have long since 404’d. With an ear to the pulse of Toronto’s dance and circus scene, Alisha strives to refine her own craft and contribute to the constant evolution of performance.


Andrew Markowiak

Staff Writer- Sports
Andrew is a sometimes writer, sometimes actor, and year-round Leafs fan. Like most millennial hockey junkies in Toronto, he’s had to put up with a childhood of disappointment (a byproduct of the John Ferguson Jr era). A glutton for punishment, he kept returning year after year, screaming at the TV and armchair refereeing. The hardest decision he’s made this week was figuring out which Leaf’s jersey to buy as a birthday gift to himself. It was Marner’s.


TomMcGeeTom McGee

Staff Writer- Games, TV
Tom had been gaming since he was old enough to swear at the Duck Hunt Dog. A long time Mario, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and now Destiny fan, Tom is a proud early member of the Canada-based, international clan The Antler Assassins who routinely moose it up on Destiny, Call of Duty, Diablo, The Division, and most recently Dead Souls 3. When he’s not gaming (or sometimes during loading screens) Tom is the co-creator and artistic director of Shakey-Shake and Friends Puppet Shakespeare, where he writes, builds, and performs muppet-style adaptations of Shakespeare. He is also the co-founder and associate artistic director of the hit indie company Theatre Brouhaha, where he has worked with his writing partner Kat Sandler as dramaturge, producer, and occasional co-creator on over ten plays in the last six years. He is also a communications consultant and runs a need blog where he analyzes modern mythology through pop culture and the podcast Please Sir, I Want Some More which analyzes movie sequels. He is a graduate of Queens University (Theatre and Classics) and holds a Masters degree from the University of Toronto (Theatre).


LisaLisa McKeown

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
Lisa was born and raised in Toronto. After graduating from the University of Toronto, she almost went to acting school in New York, but decided instead to opt for the much more stable world of academia by doing her Masters in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. She was unable to avoid New York’s magnetic pull, however, and is currently a PhD Candidate in philosophy at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan. When she is not working on her dissertation, she procrastinates by reviewing theatre and drinking on patios (possibly talking about the theatre she just saw). When she grows up she wants to be Tilda Swinton.


JoelJoel Merritt

Staff Writer- Film, TV
Joel is a graduate of Media, Theory and Production between Fanshawe College and Western University. Most of that education went towards creating a few incredibly silly movies and some un-shot scripts that were deemed “too silly”. He is currently migrating between London and Toronto so that he can work at his job where he watches television all day and still spend some time with his wife. In his free time he often has nervous breakdowns over how he will never complete a “1001…before you die” list (especially since he’s trying to commit to all of them). When he’s not procrastinating on those, he spends most of his time watching cartoons and really gory horror movies while moonlighting as an amateur competitive eater.


Jordan 2Jordan Morrissey

Staff Writer- Theatre (London), Games
Jordan is a graduate of both the University of Bath and LSE, where he holds a BSc in Politics with Economics and an MSc in European Political Economy respectively. Jordan performed in many amateur theatre productions throughout his time at university, often in ridiculous and diverse cameo roles. While at Bath, he also directed a section of a musical revue and sat on the organising committee of the musical society for two years. He now spends most of his time sampling all that London theatre has to offer, otherwise enjoying video-games, swimming and dominating the local pub quiz. His favourite show is The Producers, which he has seen many, many times.


Elizabeth MossElizabeth Moss

Staff Writer- Music
Elizabeth is an arts enthusiast and medical student at Tufts University on the lookout for interesting things to do on a Wednesday night.


ColinMunchHeadshotColin Munch

Staff Writer- Games
Colin played Wing Commander before he saw Star Wars. An accomplished comedic writer, his parody shows with Mills Entertainment have been produced internationally and Spank! The 50 Shades of Grey Parody was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award. He was a writer on The Village Green web series which is coming to Canadian screens in the fall. He is a member of the sketch troupe Uncalled For and a mainstage castmember at The Second City Toronto. His science fiction and horror writing is featured on Tales from the Black, a monthly live show and podcast co-produced with The Bad Dog Theatre Company and No More Radio.


Lorenzo Pagnotta

Staff Writer- Theatre (Toronto)
Lorenzo Pagnotta has taught drama workshops to both seniors and youth in community centers throughout Montreal and Toronto, and also enjoys performing himself. He aspires to continue growing as an artist, teacher, and researcher; harmoniously combing his skills in both doing theatre and analyzing it. Latest projects include performing the title role in a comical adaptation of Hamlet which toured throughout southern Italy (Teatromania); playing a variety of characters in classroom settings as an actor simulator (Ryerson’s Interpersonal Skills Training Centre); and working as a production assistant on Like an Old Tale (Jumblies Theatre) and Obeah Opera (bcurrent Performing Arts / Theatre Archipelago). Lorenzo completed an MA in Italian Studies at McGill University, specializing in contemporary Italian theatre, and holds a BA in Drama and Italian Studies from the University of Alberta.


Anwar RagepAnwar Ragep

Staff Writer- Theatre (NYC)
Anwar is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Wisconsin Law School. He is a lover of theater, interior design, antiquing, and photographing animals. He is proud of having a cartoon caption published in the New Yorker (3 words) and a Haiku published in the New York Times (17 syllables). When someone inadvertently says a line from a song or musical, he finds himself compelled to sing the next line.


Elizabeth Ramirez

Staff Writer- Theatre (Boston), Games
Elizabeth Ramirez wants to grow up to live in lighthouse/castle; if possible she’d like to direct theater from it, have a library with every book, and an endless supply of mac and cheese. For now she works in Boston, plays video games, hangs out with The Calliope Project and looks out for chances to use her shiny English degree from Boston University.


Emurii Rezendes

Staff Writer- Games
Emurii has been a gamer since the age of six and a Japanese mediaphile since age ten. Her love of story building, subtext, literary analysis, and character development has drawn her primarily to Japanese RPGs, but she also enjoys other games, like Wario Ware and beat ’em ups. Emurii spends her time reading, cooking, translating, and watching too many television shows. She owns hundreds of pieces of Pokemon merchandise and holds a B.A. in Japanese Language & Literature from Boston University and a J.D. from Northeastern Law School.


Mary-Margaret Scrimger

Staff Writer – Theatre (Toronto)
Mary-Margaret has worked in a variety of communication roles since 2004. During that time, she has written for industries such as entertainment, art, publishing, finance and insurance. She has an undergrad in English and Creative Writing from York University as well as a Public Relations certificate from Ryerson University. In addition, she is an aerial dancer with over 9 years of training experience and a co-founder of Akhilanda Collaborative, a multimedia collective.


Mike Shara

Staff Writer – Sports
Mike has acted in most of Canada’s theatres, including many seasons at Stratford, Shaw and Soulpepper. He now lives in Toronto with his beautiful wife Carla Bennett and pays far too much attention to the Blue Jays.


BeccaBex Shea

Staff Writer- Games
Bex is a writer, Boston University graduate, and dropout mad scientist. They write fiction about wizards and robots and blog about roleplaying games, bisexuality, and various other topics at their website, In their free time they may be found practicing taekwondo or pretending to fight dragons.


Hilary Smith

Staff Writer- Books
Hilary Smith is a trainee lawyer living in Toronto, having just recently graduated from Queen’s University Faculty of Law. She’s trying to read as many novels as she can in 2018. Previously, she worked in television. She earned a BA from the University of Bristol and an MA from the London Film School.


TaylorTaylor Sobolewski

Staff Writer- TV
Taylor is currently living in Australia because real life was too hard, and if television has taught her anything, it’s that running away from your problems is always the answer. She figures by the time she returns to Canada, she’ll have gained a few hours back with the time difference, and if movies have taught her anything, it’s that days improve the more times you live them.


AmyAmy Strizic

Staff Writer- Theatre (Dance)
Amy holds a Masters of Forest Conservation and Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto. She currently works for the City of Toronto in Urban Forestry, as well as dancing professionally part-time and performing the occasional circus show. Amy has been dancing since she can remember, and performs in a variety of styles. She picked up aerial circus while at university, and has been hooked ever since. In her free time, Amy enjoys seeing interesting shows around the city and trying to catch up on sleep.


Mike Strizic

Staff Writer- Music
Mike holds a Masters in Literature from the University of Edinburgh. He currently lives in Toronto where he writes, edits and teaches. In summer months he may be found running through the woods with a canoe on his head. His interests include live music, Calvinball and the Rule of Three.


Jen Taphorn

Staff Writer- Theatre (NYC)
Jen developed a love for the theatre while performing locally in Kingwood, TX with Centre Stage Theatre Company. While her days on the stage now feel long behind her, her love for live theatre remains a fixture in her life. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a BS in Animal Science, she moved to New York City and now works as a full-time Office Manager, Landlady and Airbnb Superhost. When she’s not working or at the theatre, you can find her hanging out with her cat and plants, planning her next travels, and podcasting about only the first episodes of tv shows, @s1e1podcast.


Anya Anya Wassenberg

Staff Writer- Music
Anya is a longtime freelance writer who holds a degree in French from McMaster University largely because her parents refused to finance a non-job in the field of writing. After a dozen years in the corporate world and two lay-offs, she realized a non-job was the way forward and has been writing and teaching writing courses at the college level ever since. Her work in short fiction and non-fiction has been widely published all over North America, in the U.K. and on the web. Because she’s easily bored and has a sun in Aquarius/Leo rising dichotomy, she also makes a living as a fine art model and singer, which tends to cross over into the arts writing she’s specialized in over the last several years.


Dan Willis

Staff Writer- Theatre (London)
Dan is an English Literature & Creative Writing graduate from Royal Holloway University of London. He currently works in advertising in Central London and has ambitions of becoming a professional writer. As well as reviewing, he is an enthusiastic playwright & comedy sketch writer, as well as an on-and-off stand-up comedian – he finds it cheaper than therapy. Dan grew up in West Sussex in the UK, but has lived in both Switzerland and the United States, leaving him with an appetite for travel that his wallet often finds hard to sustain.


ZachZach Adler

Contributing Author- Film, Music
Zach is a native New Yorker, armchair traveler, and sometime poet. He likes punk sensibilities, cerebral sci-fi, magical realism, Blood on the Tracks, and The Simpsons. Zach writes the annual blog Put Your Collar Down, Elvis.


Brianna Bisson

Contributing Author- Books
Brianna Bisson has an Honours BA Majoring in History and Minoring in English Literature from York University. She loves reading, writing, and TV series, movies, and snuggling with her fat freak English Bulldog Duke…when and if he lets her. She works in Toronto as a freelance makeup artist, so she has a lot of free time to do all of the aforementioned things she enjoys. With interests ranging from cosmetics, to Doctor Who, to karaoke, it’s safe to say she considers herself a pretty well rounded individual.


Clare Blackwood

Contributing Author- Books
Clare Blackwood is an actor, writer, and comedian living in Toronto. She is one half of the up-and-coming sketch duo Whisky Kids, a member of Toronto’s all-star sketch collective The Wow, is a regular writer for The Beaverton’s website, and has also been published on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Find her at @clareblackwood or at


Tessa CernikTessa Cernik

Contributing Author- TV, Theatre (Toronto)
Tessa Cernik explored her desires to become an Anglo-Saxon warrior princess by studying Medieval Literature and History in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Vancouver, BC. When she is is not translating forgotten tongues or working for the Toronto Fringe, she produces plays and watches ridiculous amounts of television, to the detriment of her social life.


Maddi ChapinMaddi Chapin

Contributing Author- Theatre (Boston/NYC)
Maddi Chapin attended Boston University, where she studied English and saw too many plays. She likes Shakespeare, Tom Stoppard, and talking about A Song Of Ice And Fire to anyone who’ll listen and some people who won’t.


Laurel Clayton

Contributing Author- TV, Film, Books
Originally from Toronto, Laurel now holds a degree in English Literature from Concordia University in Montreal, where she now semi-permanently lives, works and watches television. She has a lot of very serious opinions about books and television, if you’d like to hear them.


Jess CoutureJess Couture

Contributing Author- Sports
Jess graduated from Boston University, where she studied Severe Special Education and Deaf Studies. When not in the classroom, Jess can be found at Fenway Park watching her beloved Red Sox, at the Garden with the Celtics, or at any theater in the Boston area in the audience, on stage, or backstage. She also can be found tracking the score of the Green Bay Packers, The New Orleans Saints, the Boston Bruins, and AC Milan (during regular football season) or team Italy (during the world cup).


Ryan Ryan Covel

Contributing Author- Sports, Books
Ryan attended University of Guelph and completed his BA Honours in History, while also studying Political Science and Spanish. After growing up with a distaste for reading and making it through high school having only read Lord of the Flies (thank you, Sparknotes), he now reads daily, with specific interests in philosophy, entrepreneurship, self-help, and Tolkien. Along with being a full-time student, Ryan is also a full-time Arsenal fan – a hobby towards which he dedicates the same amount of time as his academics. He’s also a fan of Toronto sports teams, Hans Zimmer, most things Disney, and vanilla ice cream. A former steel pan player and an avid tea drinker, Ryan has no idea what he is doing with his life.


Greg Greg Dalgetty

Contributing Author- Sports
Greg has held down a day job in publishing while moonlighting in some of Toronto’s zaniest bands (the von Drats, the Screamagers, the TrollBlazers) for the better part of ten years. He lives and breathes basketball. He would have been a brilliant point guard in the NBA if only he could shoot and handle the ball.


morganMorgan Daniels

Contributing Author – Theatre (London)
Morgan is a third-year Sociology student at the London School of Economics. Due to a desperate childhood need for attention, Morgan developed an interest in theatre from a young age. She continues this interest today by seeing plenty of live performance, writing and directing plays at university and the Edinburgh Fringe, and indulging in the odd spot of reviewing.


Justis Portrait4306 1cJustis Danto-Clancy

Contributing Author- Theatre (Toronto)
Justis Danto-Clancy lives and works in Toronto in theatre production, carpentry and rugby coaching. He wrote theatre criticism in Halifax while completing his BA at The University of King’s College. He is passionate about both sports and theatre and you’re just as likely to find him working on theatre programming with The Howland Company as you are to find him ensconced in rec league soccer games or on the shinny rink.


ErikEric DePriester

Contributing Author- Sports
Eric DePriester is a professional vagrant and occasional writer. After studying Philosophy at Middlebury College, he tour managed a band in Los Angeles, trekked through Europe, waited tables in Boston, wrote a travel guide in Vietnam, and most recently secluded himself in Montana to finish his first novel. Deeply committed to LA sports, his emotional state is often tethered to the Lakers’ roller coaster record or the inevitability of the next Dodgers collapse.


KevinKevin Dillon

Contributing Author- TV, Film
Kevin is a student affairs professional by day working at Northeastern, and yes he can explain student affairs for those who are curious. Originally from Albany, New York, Kevin was a History major/English minor at Long Island University Post, but always found himself hanging out with the film and theatre majors. For the last few years Kevin has been working on his own blog talking about favorite television shows past and present from Gilmore Girls to The Good Wife. Kevin is also an award show junkie and loves predicting the nominations/winners. Kevin always wins his Oscar pool.


Michael DMichael Distefano

Contributing Author- Sports
Michael Distefano is from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Michael has a passion for sports and is looking forward to writing insightful articles about a variety of different sports. Michael attends The University of Western Ontario where he plans to graduate while majoring in Media, Information, and Technoculture. Michael aspires to be a sports journalist for a major sports broadcasting company, and further develop into a sports analyst. You can reach Michael at his personal twitter account @mickey_canucks.


MattMatt Dodge

Contributing Author- TV, Music
Matt Dodge is originally from Ottawa (go Sens!), where he attended University and somehow ended up with a degree in history and political science. He currently resides in Toronto where he is a full-time procrastinator who occasionally takes a break to scribble some pretentious nonsense on a piece of paper, which he’ll later tear up when people “don’t understand the full impact of subtext”. He knows way too much about hockey, Saved By The Bell, and Star Wars.


Zach DrummerZach Drummer

Contributing Author- TV, Film
Zach is a satirist wandering Los Angeles. To learn more about him, please visit


BrandonBrandon Engel

Contributing Author- Film, TV
Brandon is a writer and blogger with a keen love of all things sci-fi and fantasy. A graduate of SAIC in Chicago, he is an aspiring journalist and comics illustrator. He is also an avid collector of vintage film posters and memorabilia.


Steve Fisher

Contributing Author- Theatre (Toronto)
Steve has been writing about Toronto’s arts and entertainment scenes for over 15 years. He was the 2016 winner of the Canadian Theatre Critic’s Association’s Nathan Cohen Award for short form theatre criticism, and was nominated for a National Magazine Award in 2015 for his contributions to Torontoist, which he left in 2017 as a Contributing Editor. His writing has appeared in Now Magazine, Post City, The A.V. Club, CBC Music, and more; he holds a diploma in Acting and a BFA degree in Theatre from Ryerson University. When not seeing (and writing about) shows in Toronto, Steve also works as the Chief Boatswain’s Mate at HMCS YORK, Toronto’s naval reserve unit, where he’s been commended and decorated over more than 20 years of service. You can follow him on Twitter for all things #TheaTO and #ComedyTO (and a few things #RCNavy) at @gracingthestage.


Ann Fitzhenry

Contributing Author- Sports, Books
Ann is an occupational therapist and marathon walking coach living in Toronto. She loves fashion, cooking, painting, theatre and traveling, and is working on her plan to become a “Type B”


Alyxandra HarveyAlyxandra Harvey

Contributing Author- TV
Alyxandra is a young adult author and poet who lives in an old Victorian house in Ontario, Canada with a few resident ghosts who are allowed to stay as long as they keep company manners. She loves medieval dresses, used to be able to recite all of “The Lady of Shalott” by Tennyson, and has been accused, more than once, of being born in the wrong century; she believes this to be mostly true except for the fact that she really likes running water, women’s rights, and ice cream. Among her favourite books are The Wood Wife by Terri Windling, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and of course, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Elizabeth Bennet is her hero because she’s smart and sassy, and Mr. Darcy is, well, yum. Aside from the ghosts, she also lives with her husband and their dogs. Alyxandra Harvey is the author of award-winning young adult series The Drake Chronicles as well as the novels Haunting Violet and Stolen Away.


MelanieMelanie Hrymak

Contributing Author- Theatre (Toronto)
Melanie is a Toronto-based actor, director, fight choreographer, and occasional nerve-wracked writer. She took her first acting class at the behest of her mother, who has regretted that bit of advice ever since. She later attended the joint Theatre and Drama Studies program at Sheridan College and the University of Toronto. Since then, Melanie has been acting on stage and screen, and demonstrating how to avoid stabbing someone while convincing everyone that you really are. Please visit if you’re still curious.


Mark Kay

Contributing Author- Theatre (Toronto)
Bachelor degrees in Journalism and Classical Civilizations (Ryerson and U of T respectively) haven’t exactly gelled into a coherent whole for Mark as of yet. They do totally let him make any number of strained Roman history analogies to current events though. Working largely as a freelance reporter, Mark has covered everything from city transit strikes to theatre festivals. When not pitching articles or chasing them down, he generally nerds his way through theatre, genre television, piles of books, and tabletop rpgs.


Lauren KeifferLauren Keiffer

Contributing Author- TV
Lauren is a BU graduate. She enjoys keeping things lighthearted. If you were to wonder what she would prefer to watch, your best guess would be some sort of cartoon. She likes a vast variety of TV shows, from PBS’s Arthur to Showtime’s Dexter. Some of her guilty pleasures include 90210 and America’s Next Top Model.


Clay Keller

Contributing Author- TV, Film
Clay is a writer, actor, and film programmer in Los Angeles. He is the co-host of two podcasts- The Vidiots Video Store Show (@vidiotsshow) and Blood Must Talk About Blood (@bmtabpod).


BetsyElizabeth Krah

Contributing Author- Games
Elizabeth Krah is a lifelong New Englander with a degree in (physical!) Anthropology from Boston University. Her earliest gaming memories recall the glory of Sierra on-line and the classic adventure game; other hobbies include baking, costume reproduction, and collecting vintage sewing paraphernalia. She has sometimes been called upon to ensure actors are appropriately clothed on stage (or appropriately unclothed, as the case may be).


RobinRobin Lempel

Contributing Author- TV
Robin received her BA from Oberlin College with a major in English, minors in Gender and American studies and a concentration in Peace & Conflict studies (she had a hard time choosing). Now she writes about TV and interns as a script reader. In her free time she can be found with her dog who refuses to be left alone.


JoeJoe Longpre

Contributing Author- TV, Film
Joe is an amateur screenwriter for film and television and holds a useless Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. After abandoning the sciences, he studied screenwriting in Vancouver before returning to Toronto to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. He loves TV, movies, Alan Moore’s graphic novels, and chocolate chip muffins.


SteveSteve Marois

Contributing Author- Books
Steve Marois is a graduate of Boston University with a BA in English, BS in English Education, minor in theatre arts, and MA in English, specializing in Medieval/Early Modern Drama. His interests include podcasts, obscure musicals, and anything else remotely pretentious. Although he greatly enjoys appreciating the creative work of others, he hopes one day to produce his own.


BillieBillie Marlow

Contributing Author- Sports
Billie graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Originally from Banff, Alberta, she currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. She aspires to be a cop or work in law enforcement but indulges in writing as a pastime. While her main passions involve hopping on a plane or starting a new adventure, she is also interested in pretty much anything to do with sports. If you can’t find her in a park playing football or pretending to be good at catch, you can usually find her exploring Toronto and its patios.


David McClelland

Contributing Author- Sports, Games
David is a graduate of the University of Ottawa, where he majored in writing for the student newspaper, though his degree has the word “Geography” printed on it instead for some reason. An unapologetic geek, some of his earliest memories are of playing RailRoad Tycoon on his parents’ 486. He is also an avid sports fan, and, when he’s not busy explaining to someone why ERA is an overrated stat, can be found shaking his fist at the ghost of Harold Ballard over another lost Maple Leafs season.


Dane McDonald

Contributing Author- Film, TV
Dane is a writer based in Chicago. He is currently the senior copywriter and brand strategist at JB Chicago. When not writing, he can likely be found at a local movie theater, in search of the city’s best margarita, or at a Disney theme park. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @thedevilwearsdm.


TrevorTrevor McNaughton

Contributing Author- Books
Trevor grew up in King City, Ontario, and graduated from Bishop’s University with a degree in Drama. He’s written 14 plays and 1 novel, none of which were particularly good. Currently attending George Brown College, he’s studying to become a Gerontology Activation Coordinator. He likes cats, dogs, birds and horses but is not too terribly fond of sharks, snakes and neo-Conservatives. Trevor loves old movies, theatre, reading, chocolate, potatoes, apples, the colour red and staying thin. He gave up watching hockey games because the stress of screaming at the games gave him a permanent sore throat. He worships all actresses with the last name Hepburn and has recently rediscovered television after a 20 year hiatus with the surprising realization that nothing has changed. He is terribly near-sighted but possesses all of his own teeth and hair. He has terrible taste in men but believes that may be the result of the aforementioned appalling eyesight. Trevor is currently struggling with an on-again, off-again coffee addiction.


BethMcNeilBeth McNeil

Contributing Author- Theatre (Toronto)
Beth McNeil graduated from the University of Kings College and currently lives in Toronto. She is passionate about food, theatre, TV and movies, and lives in constant fear of being buried by the sheer amount of books in her apartment.


James MeloJames Melo

Contributing Author- Theatre (Boston)
James attended Boston University where he specialized in the study of medieval England, and fed his obsession with Shakespeare. He works as a paramedic but can otherwise be found reading, fencing, or riding his bike.


Joe ModzelewskiJoe Modzelewski

Contributing Author- Film, Music
Joe Modzelewski has passionate hopes and aspirations in writing, photography and film. He is terribly not very clever and wishes he was in a punk band (or at least a Sonic Youth cover band if possible). He has watched too much Arrested Development and thinks that Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd is pretty great.


PaulPaul Mooney

Contributing Author- Games, TV
Paul tears up at Disney movies, can fieldstrip an M-16, and has never been hungover. He is cofounder of the current events/nonsense blog and web series BroCast News. The mustache is for special occasions only.


Nevena297Nevena Nenova

Contributing Author- Film
Nevena Nenova grew up in Bulgaria in a family of professional ski athletes. Instead of following in her parents’ footsteps, she turned to theater. Her early years found her performing in various plays at the community theater in her hometown. Halfway through college in Bulgaria, Nevena received a green card and in 2001 journeyed to the United States where a few years later she earned a BA in screenwriting at Metropolitan State University, MN. Currently she works as an independent interpreter and she is highly involved in the theater/film community in the Twin Cities as a writer, director, and actress. Nevena owes all of her accomplishments to the support of her loving husband, family, and friends… and endless gallons of coffee.


Vincent PerrettiVincent Perretti

Contributing Author- Music
After studying film for a few years at Pennsylvania State University, Vince left college after a job opportunity opened at a production house in New York. He’s been in Brooklyn ever since – mostly because it reminds him of his hometown in Philly. It’s got your morning drunks, your walk-down-the-street-bar lifestyle all of us love so much and a river runs through it. Get it? Regardless, most of his days are spent editing, but in his free time he pursues a career in directing/shooting music videos.


Josh Peters Josh Peters

Contributing Author- Sports, TV, Film
Josh graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2002 with a degree in Government, and after graduating made his way out to Los Angeles, where he’s lived for the past 12 years. Originally, he came to LA to go to law school, but, his first year in LA, he was bit by the screenwriting bug and never looked back. Because of it, he opted not to go to law school and instead pursued his dream of becoming a full-time writer. Josh has been a part of the film industry for the past 10 years and has worked on countless feature films, TV series, and commercials. He has built a successful career as a writer/producer and hopes to continue writing in the industry for many more years to come. Along with being a film enthusiast, his other true passion is sports. He’s a sports fanatic, who loves watching any and all sports and will always have a special place in his heart for his hometown teams: the Texas Longhorns, the Dallas Cowboys, and the San Antonio Spurs.


Amy Polglase

Contributing Author- TV
Amy’s love for television began as a child growing up in southern Africa. The most exciting sight was a package from her Gram filled with VHS recordings of ER and 7th Heaven. Amy now lives in Brooklyn, taking for granted all the entertainment she has access to at the press of a button. While her day job is fundraising for non-profits, Amy enjoys spending time doing yoga, cooking, admiring her ever-growing plant collection, and finally channeling some of her TV passion into her podcast @S1E1Podcast with her best buds Jen and Allie.


PolubiecMichael Polubiec

Contributing Author- TV, Film, Theatre (Toronto)
Michael has a background in Art History and Curatorial Studies, holding degrees from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Toronto. Someday he would like to get a dog. Michael enjoys reading and talking about art and cinema (and now theatre!?) as well as delving into Wikipedia wormholes. High on his list of dislikes are raisins and walking into screen doors.


Mic Raygun

Contributing Author- Music
Mic Raygun is a musician based out of Brooklyn and interns at Ba Da Bing records where he’s attempting to learn as much about the music business as possible before he gets the axe! For the past 10 years Mic has spent most his time producing and listening to music. His obsession with absorbing the characteristics of sound has made him into a meticulous songwriter and engineer. Performing is something Mic is also in love with and has been pursuing a career in it for almost five years.


Whitney Richards headshotWhitney Richards

Contributing Author- Theatre (Toronto)
Whitney was born and bred in Western Australia. She completed her studies at Curtin University of Technology in 2008, BA Media with a major in film and television & a minor in performance studies. She toured the critically acclaimed Trampoline (Weeping Spoon Productions) to Winnipeg, Edmonton and Victoria in 2015 and then revived it to a sold out season in Adelaide Fringe 2016. Whitney now has her own solo show I Do I Don’t which she is touring to Montreal and Winnipeg fringes. Whitney has received several Western Australian acting award nominations including best actress at the Equity Guild Awards (2012), best actress at the WA Screen Awards (2010) and best newcomer at the Equity Guild Awards (2009). Whitney has been in a handful of award-nominated films, has a flare for music, comedy & loves working with children.


AmandaAmanda Sawyer

Contributing Author- Books
Amanda is a receptionist and a social media maven by day and an avid reader, book blogger, and writer by night. She has her bachelor’s degree in Adolescent Education and English and a master’s degree in Adolescent Literacy Education. Amanda typically reads and reviews YA and interviews YA authors, but don’t let that fool you, she will read anything she can get her hands on! She dreams of someday being an English teacher, an author of books for young adults, and a karaoke queen.


CarolineCaroline Schurman-Grenier

Contributing Author – Theatre (London)
Ever since Caroline’s first production at the age of 6, she has developed a love and a passion for the theatre. She is often seen reading plays on the tube, and has been featured in a variety of productions over the years, from classic Shakespeare to contemporary Ionesco. She holds a degree in International Relations and History from the London School of Economics. After having discovered the amazing world of London theatre, her savings mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully, Caroline’s love for cooking has allowed her to sustain herself whilst enjoying the sometimes too frequent nights out at the theatre in Montreal, New York, London and beyond.


Allie Shields

Contributing Author- TV
After graduating with a BA in Communications-Radio/TV, Allie has worked in television production for the past 12+ years. Outside producing reality TV shows you have on while doing the laundry, Allie enjoys traveling, hiking, and podcasting with Amy and Jen to create @S1E1Podcast.


OliverOliver Simmonds

Contributing Author- Theatre (London)
Oliver recently completed his law degree at the London School of Economics. In between lectures and reading about the finer points of land law he is often found at the theatre. When he finds the time, he is also inclined to perform with his university’s Drama Society and write plays for them. Despite living in London, he often proves elusive in the holidays when he travels back to his home in New Zealand.


DanielaDaniela Smith

Contributing Author- TV
Daniela Smith graduated from Western University with a degree in Psychology and English Language and Literature. She is always curious and interested in learning about the arts and social issues, in particular. Daniela enjoys analyzing and critiquing what she learns. Currently, she is a freelance writer and editor.


BrockBrock Swinson

Contributing Author- Film
Brock Swinson is a freelance writer from North Carolina. After college, he spent time exploring the lower 48 writing for websites like eBay, Tokii and Examiner. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles and balances his time between production work and writing while maintaining his blog, Undaunted Magazine.


Rebbekah Vega RomeroRebbekah Vega-Romero

Contributing Author- Theatre (NYC)
Rebbekah is thrilled to be joining the team of writers at Theatre! She has recently moved back to New York City to pursue her career as a singer and actress. While earning her B.A. at Boston University, she appeared in student productions of Sweeney Todd, Spring Awakening, As You Like It, On the Razzle, and Into the Woods, among others. Professional acting credits in Boston include Arcadia (Chloe, Bad Habit Productions), Romeo and Juliet (Benvolio/Paris, Independent Drama Society), A Civil War Christmas (Student Ensemble, Huntington Theatre Company), and The Taming of the Shrew (Ensemble, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company).


Peter WicksPeter Wicks

Contributing Author- Film, TV
Peter Wicks has a degree in film and creative writing from the University of Toledo. Naturally, he works in service of the public at the Toledo Library, an institution that gives him access to a wealth of information to digest. Most of it remains undigested because he’s busy playing board games and watching Netflix.


Joseph WoodwardJoseph Woodward Jr.

Contributing Author- Sports
Joseph is the definitive jack-of-all-trades. After becoming a certified graphic designer, his desire to help others took him through a career path that included security work and his AS in Criminal Justice. After that, Joseph started working toward his BS in Chemistry where writing would infect him like a new disease. Now an aspiring author, Joseph has been writing nonstop, every chance he has gotten, while following his favorite sports closely and complaining under his breath whenever a Boston team collapses without a trophy.