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25 April 2017

Go Watch Little Big Lies

By // TV

I’m sure by now you have come up with a list of reasons why you can’t watch every show. No time, no interest, and no access are all valid excuses …

18 April 2017

Checking in at Grey Sloan

By // TV

Can you ever really love something after feeling betrayed by it? That’s the big question I have for my obviously privileged life: I feel betrayed by a television show. It’s …

15 March 2017

Guys, Are You Watching Riverdale?!

By // TV

You’re probably not watching, because it’s on the CW and, despite the boost in programming over the last few years, you still see the CW as teen fare. You’re absolutely …

18 September 2016

Mid-Season Finale: Suits

By // TV

Another summer over means another half season of Suits also coming to an end. And while my summer has been great, season 6A of Suits has stunk more than the …

17 May 2016

Season Wrap Up: Jane the Virgin

By // TV

The worst time of year for me will always be Finale Season because all my shows are leaving me for at least four months. To make it worse, it coincides …

19 January 2016

Chicago Fire Season 4

By // TV

Halfway through the forth season of Chicago Fire I find myself wondering what I’m missing. Where did the Gabby baby storyline go? Why is Chili being a raging bitch? I’d …

06 August 2015

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is A?

By // TV

Six years in the making, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally less than a week away. The big A reveal on Pretty Little Liars will finally …

12 May 2015

Season Wrap-Up: Jane the Virgin

By // TV

Jane the Virgin wrapped up its freshman season this week with a one, two, three… actually, I’ve lost count of how many twists ended up in “Chapter Twenty-Two.” Despite its …

12 May 2015

The End of Revenge

By // TV

Well, Revenge finished up its four-season long run this week, and the finale, like the rest of the show, was…mediocre. I hate to sound like every other person on the …

25 October 2014

Season Premiere: The 100

By // TV

Who would have guessed the premiere I looked forward to most this season would be on the CW? Okay, that probably wouldn’t have been too difficult since anything with strong …

07 October 2014

Pilot Watch: Bad Judge

By // TV

It may not have a great title, or even a great premise, but Bad Judge is off to a good start. The new sitcom follows Judge Rebecca Wright, played by …

05 October 2014

Pilot Watch: A to Z

By // TV

While we’re all still groaning over what happened to the Mother, her portrayer, Cristin Milotti, has moved on to find love with the guy across the building from her. While …

21 August 2014

Midseason Finale: Suits

By // TV

Suits continued season four in the much the same way it did season three: a half season long arc, resolved before the midseason finale, followed by Louis discovering the truth …

11 July 2014

Suits: Leveraged

By // TV

Remember the song “Why Can’t We Be friends?” I feel as though the characters on Suits should give it a good old listen. Maybe just the chorus though, those verses …

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