16 September 2014

Doctor Who: Listen

By // TV

This week, Doctor Who delivered one of the most genuinely creepy episodes in a very long time. Although it fumbled the ending a little, most of the episode was the …

09 September 2014

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood

By // TV

The latest episode of Doctor Who offered a swashbuckling new twist on an old legend when the Doctor and Clara met Robin Hood. It was a worthy continuation of the …

01 September 2014

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

By // TV

I can now with confidence say that I like Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. A lot. In last week’s ‘Deep Breath’, Capaldi wasn’t given a huge opportunity to show us what his …

29 August 2014

Outlander: The Way Out

By // TV

In the latest Outlander, even as Claire schemes to get away from Castle Leoch, she learns more about the past she’s trapped in. Last week, Claire mused that perhaps the …

29 August 2014

Doctor Who: Deep Breath

By // TV

The premiere of Doctor Who’s eighth season was aptly named ‘Deep Breath’, because you will have to take multiple in order to calm down and not be annoyed at the …

24 June 2014

Pilot Watch: The Musketeers

By // TV

The BBC has a long history of its ‘family drama’ series. These series are shows that are meant to entertain the entire family. Doctor Who is the most famous and …

03 March 2014

Season Wrap Up: Downton Abbey

By // TV

The Downton Abbey season 4 finale was an absurd spectacle, filled with gorgeous costumes, over the top romantic plots, rich people problems and a ridiculous caper. It was probably my …

07 February 2014

Sherlock: His Last Vow

By // TV

Steven Moffat is the showrunner of two of Britain’s most known shows: Doctor Who, and Sherlock. A few years ago, Steven Moffat said, “The Doctor is like an angel aspiring …

31 January 2014

Downton Abbey 4.4

By // TV

Downton this week was fine. It wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t terrible. It fell somewhere squarely in the middle. After weeks of stepping outside of its comfort zone, Downton retreated …

30 January 2014

Sherlock: The Sign of Three

By // TV

‘The Sign of Three’ was a light, but perfectly enjoyable episode of Sherlock. It took a break from the darker arcs the show has been pursuing of late, and delivered …

23 January 2014

Downton Abbey 4.3

By // TV

Sunday night’s Downton Abbey was the most enjoyable episode the show has had for a long time. It wasn’t perfect, but it broke the stagnant streak the show has been …

21 January 2014

Sherlock: The Empty Hearse

By // TV

After two years, Sherlock returns to the air. Was it worth the wait? Short answer: no. Long answer: hell no. To be fair to the writers, it was going to …

16 January 2014

Downton Abbey 4.2

By // TV

Downton Abbey this week started out feeling like a rehash of earlier seasons, but towards the end of the episode, took a dark turn that felt grim and unexpected for …

10 January 2014

Downton Abbey Season 4 Premiere

By // TV

Downton Abbey’s season premiere had a lot of things going on, but the problem was, I only cared about half of them. The show has always had the challenge of …

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