oqykxCqypjJRk4oOtpqI-6MjTGL-DEiP7C5cT79cBRsXoxVJSAWKTU8TE0exKlnYLRbOAdefHRghOq9bYegUiYWith so many productions to see (and some of our staffers headed out of town to cover San Diego Comic-Con), we’ve brought on extra help this year to review more Toronto Fringe Festival shows than ever. Over 10 days, 7 critics will be tackling nearly 100 productions. Check out the full list below.

The My Theatre Favourites Discount: 
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The Reviews (in alphabetical order)
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick (A-)
18 Imaginary Place to Visit Before You Die (C)
A Drop of Water (B)
A Man Walks Into a Bar (A)
A Nurse’s Nightmare (B)
Adventures of a Redheaded Coffee Shop Girl (A-)
All Our Yesterdays (A)
Anatolia Speak(A)
Asperger: A Tale of a Social Misfit (B)
Becoming Burlesque (B)
Beginagame (B+)
Big Love (A-)
Bout (B+)
Caws and Effect (A-)
Cootie Catcher (B-)
Deadmouse: The Musical (B-)
Debris (A-)
Deepest Darkest (B+)
Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre Live (A)
Everyday Oppressions (B)
Everyone Loves Sea Land (B-)
Exposure (B-)
Folk Lordz (B)
Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth (A-)
Georama (B-)
God’s Beard! (B)
Hamlet…A Puppet Epic! (C)
Hanger (A)
Hansel & Gretel (A-)
Headless/The Play (F)
Heart Puppetations (C)
Heartbeat and Other Ways To Say I Love You (B)
Hey! Good Lookin’! (B)
High Tea (C-)
How May I Hate You? (B+)
How Often Do I Dream… (A)
I Love You, Judy Merril (B+)
I’m Right Here (B+)
In Case We Disappear (A)
Interrogation: Lives and Trials of the Kamloops Kid (B-)
Johnny Legdick, a Rock Opera (C+)
Klondyke: Stand Up Straight from the Yukon (B)
Kojira (A)
Let’s Start a Country! (B+)
Life Records (B+)
Lockeye & Pond in Death Killing Machine (A-)
Me With You (A-)
Mixed Chick (B+)
Morro and Jasp do Puberty (A)
Mumsical (B+)
Ninety (B-)
People Suck (B+)
pool (no water) (B+)
One Good Marriage (A-)
One More and the Bill (C+)
OverTime (D)
Peter n’ Chris present: Here Lies Chris (A-)
Pretending Things Are a Cock (B+)
Quarter Life Crisis The Musical (B-)
Rukmini’s Gold (B+)
Served (A-)
She Said Yes (B)
Shevil The Musical (B)
Sizzle & Spin (B)
Skunkweed (B)
Sloanliness (B)
Starry Notions (B+)
Summerland (A+)
SwordPlay: A Play of Swords (A)
That’s Just Five Kids in a Trench Coat! (A-)
The 10/10/10 Project (B)
The Dinner Table (A+)
The Doctor Will See You Know (A)
The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour (A)
The Inventor of All Things (A-)
The Kings Castle (B-)
The Merry Wives of Windsor (A-)
The Most Honest Man in the World (A-)
The Orchid & The Crow (B-)
The Philanderess (B+)
The Real Housewives of Murder (B+)
The Untitled Sam Mullins Project (A)
The Weaker Vessels: Public Displays of Narcissism (A-)
The Women of Tu-Na House (A-)
there / GONE (B)
Twelfe Night (B+)
Two Girls, One Corpse (B-)
Urban Legends (A-)
Waiting for Alonzo (B+)
Waiting in Line (B+)
Washed Up (B-)
You and That Fucking Gorilla (B+)
You Are Not Alone (B)
Zach Zultana: Space Gigolo (A-)