25 November 2013

Doctor Who Turns 50: “The Day of the Doctor”

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The “Day of the Doctor” has finally arrived. As a standalone episode, it was fantastic. As a celebration of the past 50 years of the show? …it could have done …

23 November 2013

Doctor Who Turns 50: New to Classic Who

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If you’ve been following our coverage leading up to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary (which you should be; catch Parts I, II, III and IV now), you might have noticed …

23 November 2013

Doctor Who Turns 50: top 6 modern companions

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The countdown to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special continues. As the day finally arrives, we have two final lists for you. Read on for our 6 favourite companions of …

18 November 2013

Doctor Who Turns 50: 12 best episodes of the revived series

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We trust that you’ve read Part I (12 most memorable moments: HERE) and Part II (our 12 favourite guest stars: HERE) of our Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration, so here’s Part III. And don’t forget Part IV (top 6 …

09 November 2013

Doctor Who Turns 50: 12 favorite guest stars

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Read Part I of our Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration (12 most memorable moments) HERE, Part III (12 best episodes of the revived series) HERE and Part IV (top 6 modern companions) HERE. *Spoilers …

06 November 2013

Doctor Who Turns 50: 12 most memorable moments

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As the first part of our Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration, and in honor of the 12 (or soon to be 12) incarnations of the Doctor, we’re taking a look …

30 September 2013

Season Wrap Up: Broadchurch

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BBC America’s Broadchurch was an emotional equivalent of a punch to the face. It was a fitting end to a dark, intense season that depicted a small, tight knit community …

05 September 2013


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Luther is back for four new episodes. Now in its third season, Luther takes a look into its titular character’s past to fuel much of its drama. (A few spoilers …

14 August 2013

Pilot Watch: The White Queen

By // TV

When I heard there was going to be a mini-series about the women behind the War of the Roses, I was psyched. A series focusing on awesome historical ladies? Yes …

11 August 2013

Who Killed Danny Latimer?

By // TV

BBC’s Broadchurch, which premiered this week on BBC America, is a bleak look at how a tragedy can shake a seemingly idyllic small town. In the first episode, a local …

28 July 2013

We Recommend: Orphan Black

By // TV

There’s this little BBC America show about clones—Orphan Black?—you might have heard of it (and how people are ready to swear bloody vengeance because a certain actress was Emmy snubbed). …

21 May 2013

“The Name of the Doctor”

By // TV

(spoilers ahead) The season 7 finale of Doctor Who was much more intimate and personal than finales of the past. While it was a nice change of pace and there …

14 May 2013

‘Nightmare in Silver’

By // TV

Neil Gaiman returns as a writer to Doctor Who after his wildly successful Season 6 debut. ‘Nightmare in Silver’ didn’t quite live up to the high bar Gaiman set for …

06 May 2013

‘The Crimson Horror’

By // TV

Every season of Doctor Who has an obligatory Doctor-lite episode in which the Doctor and his current companion will occasionally pop up, but the real focus of the episode isn’t …

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