It’s a common enough problem: the enemies you’re facing in a video game have cooler stuff than you. It’s a common frustration, when slaying one of these enemies that for some damn reason you can’t pick up their sword/shield/gun despite it being a helluva lot better than yours is. The Surge is the cure to […]

Batman/Elmer Fudd #1 by Tom King, illustrated by Lee Weeks, coloured by Lovern Kindzierski…

Tetris for me will always be the first game I can remember an adult playing. As a kid, one of my earliest friends’ mom loved Tetris; I was astounded that she had her own Gameboy, let alone that she was a monster at Tetris. While it’s a common sight now to see adults gaming, whether […]

  Tom McGee

With great power comes great responsibility: happily, Spider-Man: Homecoming understands that with YET ANOTHER REBOOT of a beloved super hero ALSO comes great responsibility…and they more than live up to it, with an intimate, clever, entertaining, and faithful Spider-Man adventure that is a breath of fresh air in Marvel’s now very crowded super hero line-up. […]

  Tom McGee

If you’re looking for an all-ages comic that combines humour, heart, history, and adventure, then look no further: The Time Museum is an absolute delight from start to finish, and while it hits many of the familiar beats of the ‘young hero attends fantastical school/camp/institution’ genre, the characters, style, and concept are so utterly enduring […]

After an exemplary first episode, Telltale stumbles a bit on the second, delivering an interesting, if somewhat less polished chapter in their Guardians tale. *Full spoilers follow* Having last left our heroes with Star-Lord having returned from the dead, thanks to our trusty McGuffan The Eternity Forge, we are thrust immediately into a space escape, […]

  Tom McGee

There are moments in Seasons After Fall, where the stunning, hand-drawn graphics and the breathtakingly beautiful score, performed by a strings quartet, where you find yourself marvelling at finding such beauty in a video game. While it is certainly more common to see such incredible design, what Swing Swing Submarine has accomplished here visually and […]

  Tom McGee

Once a year, the Toronto Reference Library transforms into comics nirvana – and despite my love of graphic novels and comics, I’d never been. The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is one of those many events I’d managed to never quite get to and having spent a couple days wandering the fest this year, I can’t […]

Telltale Games are known for their tough decisions; but here there was no question. I started kicking the corpse along with Rocket, while taunting the defeated super villain. Gamora was kinda pissed about it, but it was worth it. From start to finish, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Game – Episode One: Tangled […]

First, a warning: if you hate when your friends make smartass comments at the movies, then you will likely hate Mystery Science Theatre 3000. To a large extent, this is the show that taught many of us bad movie fans how to snark our way through all manner of film, drawing our own fun from […]

  Tom McGee

*This article contains full spoilers for recent DC Comics – most notably Batman #21 and the recent Superman arc* On paper, what I’m about to pitch is going sound like one of the worst ideas in comics history…but there’s a mad, meta-brilliance to it that might make it out to be one of the best. […]

Never in my life – up until a few years ago – did I think there’d be a new Star Wars trailer, let alone a need to analyse one; but we live in a new world. An exciting, scary, but ultimately great new world for a lifelong Star Wars fan: suddenly, what we thought we […]

*Full spoilers ahead* My very first play through of Cowardly Creations’ Uncanny Valley lasted about fifteen minutes. The game immediately warns you that every action will have consequences and that multiple play throughs are recommended in order to fully experience the game, so I was already on edge. When my hapless security guard character Tom awoke […]

  Tom McGee

A newbie ventures into the world of murder and rage-quitting that is Dark Souls 3. Armed only with the advice of friends and a colourful arsenal of profanity, the author will face down one of the hardest games in recent memory. Part travelogue, part autopsy, part review… join us for part one of ‘Stranger in […]