James Melo

In Defense of Faires as Theatre or I just can’t wait for Faire Season For those of us who worship Hugh Laurie for his portrayal of Dr. Gregory House, I’m sure no one even considered for a second missing last week’s episode. For those of you who don’t, I’ll explain. Last week (not this past […]

  Tessa Cernik

I must first admit that it took me a few days to gather my thoughts about Alumnae Theatre’s production of The Queens by Normand Chaurette, translated by Linda Gaboriau. Upon my return to Toronto after a year of participating in the Halifax theatre scene, I was very excited to get the opportunity to start my […]

  Kelly Bedard

The summer will soon be upon us and that means many things. It’s baseball season, Dream in High Park starts (relatively) soon, al fresco dining is back within the realm of possibility. But most important of all, it means the start of a new season at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival, my personal favourite destination for […]

Shakespeare is more amazing than you give him credit for

Much Ado About a Midsummer Night’s King Macbeth IV Part 2 or Remembering William Shakespeare On this most auspicious of days, April 23- Shakespeare’s birthday, I thought that I might take a moment or two to remember one of the greatest men who ever lived. Shakespeare was, both in my opinion and in the opinion […]

  Kelly Bedard

Yes, that’s right kids, it’s April 23. Which means that it’s Shakespeare’s birthday! It’s also Shakespeare’s deathday (spooky, I know) but that’s depressing, so we’re going to focus on the fact that it’s his birthday. In honour of this most prestigious of days, I offer you a list of my 15 favourites from the illustrious […]

  Kelly Bedard

Last weekend BU on Broadway premiered their spring mainstage production: a lighthearted and uplifting musical, a favourite of mine, Seussical. Though plagued with the occasional flaw, the production was for the most part absolutely wonderful and easily one of my favourite things I’ve seen in my time in Boston. Seussical itself, written by Ahrens and […]

  Kelly Bedard

I have this friend who has played many of Shakespeare’s greatest roles, heroes and villains alike. He’s tackled Aaron the moor and Richard III, Oberon, Lear and Hamlet among others. But just the other night he said something that struck me as strange, “I’ve never had any desire to play Mackers”. Now, there are jokes […]

Something You Should Read
  Kelly Bedard

Readers of this blog may notice a pattern. We at My Theatre are very fond of quoting, referencing and generally expressing our love for something called Slings & Arrows. In case this has confused you greatly, I’m here to clear it up. Slings is a Canadian TV show about a Shakespeare company. It’s “a comedy […]