*Spoilers Ahead* Over seven seasons True Blood has had some ups, and lots of downs.  After the show’s second season, the series seemed to over stuff the cast with people who were killed off in meaningless methods, rather than focusing on the development of the central characters.  Who remembers the Sam and his family of […]

  Kevin Dillon

Sorry if you missed my sassy re-cap last week, but I did not have much to add.  I figured I would chime in on the second to last True Blood ever because, True Blood is making the last season of Dexter look like Shakespeare. Is Bill going to die? I honestly hope the answer to […]

  Kevin Dillon

I will try not to be a bitter fan, but this show is ending on such a mediocre note, and making Dexter’s final season look like Shakespeare, and that is saying a lot.  I guess I did not let go of my bitterness especially since my first sentence about this past Sunday’s episode was riddled […]

  Kevin Dillon

The season’s allegory for Hep-V as a type of HIV/AIDS is interesting.  With Sarah Newlin and co. behind the creation of this disease there is the thought or connection that like Hep-V, HIV/AIDS were human made diseases meant to wipe out a population, but what about the other victims?  This week explores that topic on […]

Let’s Celebrate the Dead Alcide’s dad and girlfriend come to Bon Temps to honor his death.  Along with Alcide they throw a massive party to celebrate their lives and the lives saved and brought back home. The highlights of the party: Lettie Mae gives a beautiful toast to the passing of Tara, Adina Porter has […]

Death and Exposition With the death of Alicide it was time for Sookie to let his father know, in a rare heartfelt moment you see him shed some grief. Jason calls Hoyt in Alaska, to tell him his mother was killed.  If you don’t remember, which I didn’t Hoyt had his memory of Jason taken […]

  Kevin Dillon

*Spoiler Alert*



Best Pre-Credits Intro Ever…. All right, I may be biased, but True Blood opened on Eric, the talented Alexsander Skarsgard who was last seen burning, and his fate was unknown.  Well Jason found him!  Eric and Jason start to banter, and then one of the hottest man on man sex scenes takes place.  I needed […]