29 August 2014

True Blood Finale: Was this the Ultimate True Death?

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 *Spoilers Ahead* Over seven seasons True Blood has had some ups, and lots of downs.  After the show’s second season, the series seemed to over stuff the cast with people …

19 August 2014

True Blood: Love is to Die

By // TV

Sorry if you missed my sassy re-cap last week, but I did not have much to add.  I figured I would chime in on the second to last True Blood …

07 August 2014

True Blood: May Be the Last Time, or Not

By // TV

I will try not to be a bitter fan, but this show is ending on such a mediocre note, and making Dexter’s final season look like Shakespeare, and that is …

29 July 2014

True Blood: “Karma” is a ….

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The season’s allegory for Hep-V as a type of HIV/AIDS is interesting.  With Sarah Newlin and co. behind the creation of this disease there is the thought or connection that …

21 July 2014

Episode Recap: Is True Blood truly a “Lost Cause?”

By // TV

Let’s Celebrate the Dead Alcide’s dad and girlfriend come to Bon Temps to honor his death.  Along with Alcide they throw a massive party to celebrate their lives and the …

14 July 2014

True Blood: Death Comes to Visit (not the Way You Think)

By // TV

Death and Exposition With the death of Alicide it was time for Sookie to let his father know, in a rare heartfelt moment you see him shed some grief. Jason …

08 July 2014

True Blood: Another One Bites the Dust

By // TV

*Spoiler Alert*



30 June 2014

True Blood: “I Found You” and Boy Was it Hot

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Best Pre-Credits Intro Ever…. All right, I may be biased, but True Blood opened on Eric, the talented Alexsander Skarsgard who was last seen burning, and his fate was unknown.  …

23 June 2014

Does True Blood Need Jesus to Save its Soul?

By // TV

Before the Re-Cap/Review, let’s talk about six seasons of a roller coaster ride, up and down.  The first two seasons had a small focus, mainly the town of Bon Temps, …

16 September 2011

On Bromance

By // TV

If you want to read an in-depth review of the final episode of True Blood, check out the AV Club’s insightful dismantling of the shows conventions or io9’s cheerful recounting …


20 July 2011

“You Just Killed My Fairy Godmother”

By // TV

… and the True Blood gifts just keep giving! I gotta say, I am really enjoying the play out with the Eric amnesia thing, mainly the almost sadistically innocent way …

05 July 2011

I Love A Good Cliche

By // TV

True Blood is not a show built on sophisticated plotting. It is a show built on charisma (I’m looking at you, Eric), audacity (I’m looking at you, crazy Marianne-inspired orgies), …


05 August 2010

My Week in TV

By // TV

The Bachelorette: She picked the right guy. They rode off into the sunset. I got simultaneously jealous and then ashamed of myself. It was pretty standard. Except that she let …

09 December 2009

Permanent Casting News

By // TV

In some of the greatest casting news I’ve heard in a long time, True Blood has finally realized the potential of Kristen Bauer. As the slightly villainous and oh so …

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