true-blood-season-7-episode-5Let’s Celebrate the Dead

Alcide’s dad and girlfriend come to Bon Temps to honor his death.  Along with Alcide they throw a massive party to celebrate their lives and the lives saved and brought back home.

The highlights of the party:

Lettie Mae gives a beautiful toast to the passing of Tara, Adina Porter has been a true standout for this show.

Andy and Holly finally got engaged! Let’s just hope their kids do not Brady Bunch it and start to fall for each other like Marcia and Greg.

Sookie is all doom and gloom again, but it was Arlene who brightens her day, Carrie Preston is so damn talented.

Lafayette  is finally getting a new man, with James, and damn was it hot!  Poor Jessica, finds them, and Lafayette calls her out for never investing in him. It’s time for Jessica and Jason to get back together. and they do share a nice kiss, and then maybe end up having sex.  Bye Felicia to Violet.

The Hunt for Sarah Newlin

Is Sarah Newling really the big bad of this season?  Pam and Eric are looking to find her, and exact revenge.  After Eric releases Willow, she informs them that Sarah is probably with her never mentioned vampire sister.

I can’t help but feel that this story line is beyond tired and absurd especially with Yakuza running around killing people at a fundraiser planned by Sarah’s Republican parents.

Quote of the night from Pam “I’m a Republic#$t” as she is wearing something Laura Bush might wear.

Bill the Civil War Hero

Bill starts to flashback to his time before he was turned, around the time of the Civil War, he did not believe in the South’s cause.

Still hoping there is more to this, but these flashbacks are becoming tiresome.  I get they want to give him humanity, and redeem him, but is it possible?

At the end of the episode there is a scene with his wife looking down at his grave, and the question of Bill’s mortality is raised, the show flashes back to the present, and Bill is infected with the virus.


This show is lost, and I am usually sad when a show is hitting the home stretch, but this show can’t end soon enough!