31 December 2014

Kelly’s 25 Favourite TV Shows of 2014

By // TV

This was a great year of TV. It was a massively terrible year for network TV with few new hits and tons of stupid cancellations (6 shows on this list …

31 December 2014

Saiya’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

By // TV

Brooklyn Nine Nine (FOX) After binge-watching this comedy series over the summer, I eagerly awaited the second season. It did not disappoint. The characters are zany without being obnoxious. The …

21 December 2014

About Alex & The Great Undervaluation of TV Artists

By // Cinema

A cast of some of TV’s most wonderful people populates About Alex, the debut feature from Parenthood writer Jesse Zwick. A dramedy about college friends reunited by tragic, awkward circumstances, …

17 December 2014

Rachael’s Feeling Grinchy

By // TV

How great has The Mindy Project been this season? Seriously. It’s settled down into the actuality of the Mindy + Danny relationship with aplomb. They’ve even managed to eke out …

18 September 2014

Mindy Premieres to a Few Chuckles

By // TV

The Mindy Project is easily my favorite comedy on television. Sometime last year it snuck past Parks and Rec and captivated my attention. Mindy Kaling has always been my favorite …

06 April 2014

Mindy at Midseason

By // TV

Oh hey, guys, Mindy’s back! Just as New Girl stands on the precipice of undoing all the good will I feel towards it, Mindy Kaling (and her fictional counterpart, Mindy …

03 October 2013

The 2012 My TV Awards: Performer of the Year

By // TV

When we announced that Mark Duplass was our My Cinema Performer of the Year, we acknowledged that it was a close race between him and Chris Messina. Here was a …

20 September 2013

Season Two Premiere: The Mindy Project

By // TV

I’m not sure why I love The Mindy Project so much. It’s not the hang-out sitcom perfection of New Girl, the pulsating heart and comedic absurdity of Parks and Rec, …

18 September 2013

‘FOX Needs Men!’ (Says Tuesday) / Pilot Watch: Dads

By // TV

It all started with New Girl. Well, actually it started a year earlier when FOX decided to pair the massive hit/obnoxious trainwreck Glee with two new sitcoms, one of which …

01 February 2013

Faces of the Young and Stupid

By // TV

I’ve written previously about my connection with the Girls’ character Hannah. It is not a connection I made  up – I have literally received phone calls and texts from many …

31 January 2013

A Week in Standout Sitcoms

By // TV

The past week or so has had some amazing sitcom moments. As 30 Rock winds down to tonight’s finale, Kenneth was passed the torch as the new President of NBC …

19 November 2012

Comedy Block Face Off

By // TV

TV comedy is in a major phase right now. A shocking amount of the primetime network schedule is made up of sitcoms, while a fair number of hourlong comedies and …

26 September 2012

Pilot Watch: The Mindy Project

By // TV

Let’s just start here- I am a Mindy Kaling girl. For awhile I thought I might be a Tina Fey girl- idiosyncrasies, writerly personality, glasses – or a Rosie O’Donnell …

25 September 2012

Pilot Watch: Partners

By // TV

I can’t stop smiling. Really, you’ve got to believe me, no pilot has made me this unexpectedly* gleeful in recent memory. I love Partners. I love it. It’s hilarious and …

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