20 September 2014

Season Wrap Up: The Leftovers

By // TV

The Leftovers ended with “The Prodigal Son Returns” last week and after an hour of more despair and some really horrific and devastating scenes, it looks like Kevin and the …

29 August 2014

The Leftovers: The Garveys at their Best

By // TV

This week’s episode of The Leftovers, “The Garveys at their Best” finally showed us a bit of what life was like before everything got all screwed up. And yes, everything …

20 August 2014

The Leftovers: Cairo

By // TV

Okay, so there are two episodes of The Leftovers left, and I’m always left with so many questions that never get answered. This week, in “Cairo,” Kevin blacked out, which …

15 August 2014

The Leftovers: Solace for Tired Feet

By // TV

The Leftovers’ “Solace for Tired Feet” focused once again on the Garvey family. Jill was being her same old self. She tried to break the record for longest time being …

06 August 2014

The Leftovers: Guest

By // TV

This week’s episode of The Leftovers titled “Guest” took a look into Nora Durst’s life. She lost her husband and her children in the Departure and she, like every other …

30 July 2014

The Leftovers: Gladys

By // TV

“Gladys” was a very disturbing episode of The Leftovers. It started out with Gladys, a member of the Guilty Remnant, being stoned to death. It was absolutely horrific and ended …

23 July 2014

The Leftovers: B.J. And The A.C.

By // TV

This week’s episode of The Leftovers went back to having multiple storylines. I found Laurie’s storyline to be particularly heartbreaking. The part with the picture frames was completely chilling though. …

16 July 2014

The Leftovers: Two Boats and a Helicopter

By // TV

This week’s episode of The Leftovers, titled “Two Boats and a Helicopter” was definitely different from the first two. Rather than going from story to story as usual, we got …

10 July 2014

The Leftovers: Penguin One, Us Zero

By // TV

The second episode of The Leftovers titled “Penguin One, Us Zero,” delved more into Kevin Garvey. It looks like everyone thinks that he’s going crazy like his dad, and he’s …

01 July 2014

Pilot Watch:The Leftovers

By // TV

I’m really not sure how I feel about The Leftovers. It was intense and definitely depressing and left me with a lot to think about. The Leftovers takes place three …

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