The Leftovers _Guest_This week’s episode of The Leftovers titled “Guest” took a look into Nora Durst’s life. She lost her husband and her children in the Departure and she, like every other character on The Leftovers, is understandably not doing well. We saw just how horribly she was doing during “Guest.” She’s been buying the same food over and over again including her children’s sugary snacks, she’s keeping her house exactly the same and she’s having prostitutes shoot her while she wears a bullet proof vest. She later goes to court to divorce her husband after her brother told him he had been cheating with their kids’ preschool teacher. She has since been stalking the preschool teacher. She ran into Kevin who was also getting a divorce.

Durst works at the controversial department that researches the Departure and gives legacies money. Durst asks survey questions of the legacies and they always answers “Yes” to number 121, which raised some red flags. She had to go to a conference where she finds that someone has been impersonating her. She also went to a party during the conference and things got pretty crazy. After catching the protestor who was impersonating Nora, Nora got drinks where she met the person who wrote a book about losing four people in the Departure. She calls him a fraud and starts to yell at him.

A man follows her and says that he agrees with Nora about the author. He takes her to Wayne who hugs the pain out of her and she turns into a more well adjusted person. A woman even answers no to number 121 “In your opinion is the Departed in a better place?” Then Kevin shows up and asks her on a date, but he warns her that he’s a mess.

I have to say I like these episodes that follow one person and focuses more on what they’re going through than some of the other episodes of The Leftovers. Nora and her brother’s episodes were the best to me. I am interested to find out more about Wayne now that we know he’s kind of real. He also said that he knows he’s going to die soon, so things are going to get more intense with that storyline.