The leftovers _Solace for Tired Feet_The Leftovers’ “Solace for Tired Feet” focused once again on the Garvey family. Jill was being her same old self. She tried to break the record for longest time being stuck in a refrigerator and ended up getting stuck, and that’s when her grandpa showed up. Those two actually ended up getting along.

Kevin was understandably not happy that his father had broken out of the hospital, but he had a message for his son. Apparently it’s his time for him to go crazy, or whatever’s happening, though we’ve known that for a while now. He’s been blacking out and there’s all that stuff happening with the dogs. Kevin’s dating Nora and told her that he thinks he’s going crazy. And he seemed to accept it at the end of the episode when he picked up the magazine that his dad had tried to give him. It’s an invitation or something. I don’t know. Meanwhile, Laurie does not care that Kevin’s sleeping with Nora, who the GR is trying to recruit. Also, Aimee and Kevin’s relationship is getting pretty interesting.

Things are also going terribly for Tom, though they’re going terribly for everyone. He is understandably not happy with Wayne. He leaves Christine to do some investigating and finds out that she’s not the only pregnant girl that Wayne left with a guy. The other girl got really upset about it and started shooting Tom and her protector friend. Then Tom ran away, got a call from Wayne, smashed his phone, which was probably a horrible idea, and went back to find that Christine had a baby girl. Pretty much everybody is screwed. Wayne doesn’t seem to be doing too well either. Is there a reason there are all these pregnant girls?

I feel like a lot of things go unanswered in this show. They just happen and then they move on. I hope we find out more about what’s going on with Kevin’s dad and that will hopefully explain more about what’s going on with Kevin. I hope we learn about the significance of the magazine. And I really hope that Tom just goes home. Hopefully we’ll learn more.