Lita Brillman

Hooray, an improv challenge! I am of the firm belief that improv comedy has very little to do with being a drag queen so these challenges are kind of silly, but RuPaul’s Drag Race is nothing if not a completely contrived vacuum where all of the conditions are dictated by one God-woman and taken as […]

This episode starts with some residual tension between Mayhem and Monique, after Mayhem called Monique out for not being a good team leader in the last episode, which ultimately lead to Mayhem being in the bottom. I’m not really interested in Mayhem assigning any blame for her loss, nor do I find it particularly compelling […]

This week, the coronation of the Vixen as one of the greatest pieces of casting in recent Drag Race herstory continues, and I am so thrilled. The Vixen takes visible pleasure in calling out queens (specifically, so far, Aquaria) for their hypocrisy, shadiness, and even potential racial bias, which she touches on briefly in Untucked. […]

  Lita Brillman

Episode 2 of season 10 was all about pharmaceuticals, but the only ailment I’m suffering from is Vixen fever and thank God there is no cure! The Vixen did not come to play this episode, stoking the flames of the Aquaria/Cracker drama without letting anyone get away with downplaying the drama from last week’s Untucked. […]

Hot on the high heels of last week/season’s catastrophic All Stars 3, It’s a brand new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and in the words of the last true all star: HALLELOO! This premiere was great! This cast had a lot of pressure (unbeknownst to them at the time of filming) to put up or […]

  Lita Brillman

I won’t lie to you: The last calendar year has been challenging for me as a reality TV fan. Survivor for the past couple seasons has been an unsavory combination of unstrategic, predictable, and devoid of likable winners. Big Brother 19 was ugly. The Amazing Race crowned two of the primary perpetrators of that same […]

Hoo boy, Drag Race fans, what a week for our beloved little show…

I’ll be honest: This episode made me nervous. It made me nervous for the queen sin the bottom, which was essentially a worst case scenario, but more than that, it made me nervous that in this age of VH1 and hour and a half long episodes, Drag Race has refocused into a reality show first […]