18 August 2013

Let the Battles Begin

By // Sports

The NFL has developed into a quarterback-driven league; to win, a team must have a special quarterback. Every year there are some shoe-ins who have the starting job for their …

07 July 2013

Doc Hollywood

By // Sports

First and foremost, for all you Michael J. Fox megafans (and really, who isn’t one?) expecting a recap of the delightful romp Doc Hollywood– a winning film concerning the comic …

28 April 2013

Hollywood Babylon

By // Sports

In Los Angeles, we have a special way of solving just about any problem: throw money at it. Be it luxury homes, street whips, blockbuster movies, or sports franchises, the …

14 November 2012

Blue Jays-Marlins: What a Difference a Day Makes

By // Sports

So just how big is this trade the Blue Jays made with the Marlins yesterday? Here’s your answer: if you made a bet in Las Vegas that the Toronto Blue …

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