18 September 2016

Mid-Season Finale: Suits

By // TV

Another summer over means another half season of Suits also coming to an end. And while my summer has been great, season 6A of Suits has stunk more than the …

19 January 2016

Chicago Fire Season 4

By // TV

Halfway through the forth season of Chicago Fire I find myself wondering what I’m missing. Where did the Gabby baby storyline go? Why is Chili being a raging bitch? I’d …

22 September 2015

Fear The Walking Dead: The Season so Far

By // TV

When a show like Fear the Walking Dead premieres, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to its original inspiration (especially when the two are just one word different from one …

06 August 2015

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is A?

By // TV

Six years in the making, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally less than a week away. The big A reveal on Pretty Little Liars will finally …

17 May 2015

Mike vs. Carolyn: Who Will Win?

By // TV

Before Worlds Apart premiered, Jeff Probst was confident that fans would love this season after a somewhat dull cast of San Juan del Sur (minus the very deserving winner at …

17 December 2014

Rachael’s Feeling Grinchy

By // TV

How great has The Mindy Project been this season? Seriously. It’s settled down into the actuality of the Mindy + Danny relationship with aplomb. They’ve even managed to eke out …

18 November 2014

AFC North and East Mid-Season Analysis

By // Sports

With baseball wrapped up and hockey just getting interesting, some might have been distracted from their religious football Sunday, Monday.. and Thursday rituals. So how is America’s favourite pastime faring? …

05 November 2014

Grey’s Anatomy: The Season so Far

By // TV

When I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and became downright obsessed in season 2, I remember worrying that the show would fall into the ER trap of constantly rotating their cast …

05 November 2014

AHS: Freak Show: The Season so Far

By // TV

American Horror Story continues to be one of my favorite hours of television. Even the terrible Coven season offered more entertainment value than most hour-long dramas, and it certainly continued …

21 August 2014

Midseason Finale: Suits

By // TV

Suits continued season four in the much the same way it did season three: a half season long arc, resolved before the midseason finale, followed by Louis discovering the truth …

08 August 2014

Graceland: Midseason Look

By // TV

The title to this piece is a misnomer; Graceland’s sophomore season is more than halfway over. It’s hard to believe, because the season has flown by. So many things are …

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