Nick Christophers

In an industry that has a few “real” solid singing voices comes along a young man that stands out due to his talents. The young Stay Key is not a stranger when it comes to “cutting your teeth” in the music game. He was baptized into the pool of music at a very young age […]

  Kelly Bedard

NYC troubadour Natalie Gelman’s new EP dropped last week, forcing me to take an honestly dedicated look at the tracks that have been non-commitally blending in with the rest of my iTunes since I was first asked to review the singer/songwriter months ago. It’s not that I was entirely procrastinating- I’ve sat down more than […]

  Joe Modzelewski

A solo project by ex-P.S Eliot member Katie Crutchfield, Waxahatchee has released her second album, Cerulean Salt on Don Giovanni Records.  Her first release American Weekend received high critical acclaim in 2012 and she’s already back with another album, but this time sounding just a little more polished and confident. Cerulean Salt is a perfect album […]

  Vincent Perretti

As February comes to a close, the weather has been getting beautiful – unless of course you’re reading this from Oymyakon in Sakha Republic, Russia which has -3 ºF (-16 ºC) as its yearly average. Hopefully, you’re not there but even if you are, we went and found you some our favorite up and comers […]