05 March 2014

Girls: Flo

By // TV

So, Hannah’s cousin is awesome. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Hannah really needed someone to kind of be a jerk to her. Hannah also spent this episode of …

27 February 2014

Girls: Incidentals

By // TV

Has Marnie finally found her singing soul mate? It’s okay, Marnie, wear your Michelle Branch love proudly. Adam’s new folk singing, actor friend stops by and Marnie, Shoshanna, and Elijah …

20 February 2014

Girls: Beach House

By // TV

Elijah’s back! He walks right up to Hannah who’s in the middle of the street in her bikini and right back into the girls’ never-ending, passive aggressive drama while on …

12 February 2014

Girls: Free Snacks

By // TV

This week on Girls, Hannah goes corporate. She finally has a writing job, but it’s as an advertorial writer for GQ. Hannah’s okay with that though, because this is just …

06 February 2014

Girls: Only Child

By // TV

Thank you, Ray, for everything you said to Marnie. It was immensely satisfying to me. This week on Girls, Marnie is put in her place when she asks Ray to …

30 January 2014

Girls: Dead Inside

By // TV

This episode of Girls focused on Hannah’s reaction to her editor David’s death and her at least perceived lack of emotional depth. This episode felt incredibly familiar to me and …

22 January 2014

Girls: She Said OK

By // TV

Hannah turned 25 this week on Girls, so we got to see everyone come together. Even Tako with a K made an appearance. Hannah celebrated at a party that Marnie …

17 January 2014

Season Premiere: Girls

By // TV

Girls’ third season premiered with two episodes on Sunday and everything is different, but also the same. Marnie is still defining herself by Charlie, Shoshanna is exploring herself in her …

11 January 2014

Girls So Far

By // TV

The first season of Girls was a pretty consistent ride through the sometimes alienating, sometimes uncomfortably relatable lives of its four main Girls. There were parts that I loved and …

01 February 2013

Faces of the Young and Stupid

By // TV

I’ve written previously about my connection with the Girls’ character Hannah. It is not a connection I made  up – I have literally received phone calls and texts from many …

28 June 2012

Season Wrap Up: Girls

By // TV

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably admit that I feel a greater connection with the characters on Girls than I probably have with any characters since Freaks …

19 April 2012

My Ruined Generation: A Pilot Watch Analysis of Girls

By // TV once had an article called “5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation”, written by a member of Gen X. The article explained the myriad of ways that Gen …

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