08 April 2013

Where is the Option?

By // Sports

The read-option offense took the National Football league (NFL) over by storm this past season. A shift in thinking from the NFL brain trust to maximize the skills and talents …

19 March 2013

Where is the Change?

By // Sports

February was Black History Month, it’s been over a year since Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial opened in DC, and we just had the second inauguration for an African American …

04 March 2013

Runningback Free Agent Landing Spots

By // Sports

There’s a lot of big name running backs hitting the open market this year and running happens to be a big need for a number of teams. All in all, …

27 February 2013

Chief Smith?

By // Sports

There has been an overwhelming spotlight on where quarterback Alex Smith will end up come the 2013 NFL season. Many teams, such as the Chiefs, Cardinals, Jets, Browns, and Jags, …

26 February 2013

A Guide To Athletes’ Imaginary Friends

By // Sports

Manti Te’o is the latest athlete to be outed as a creative deviant, clutching onto the childhood convention of imaginary friends long past its accepted expiration date, but he is …

02 January 2013

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Sports in 2012

By // Sports

It was a interesting year for sports and while not all moments were those we’d prefer to remember, few can doubt it was a good year to be a sports …

13 December 2012

The Suspensions Go Marching Out

By // Sports

The last time Roger Goddell’s suspensions against the players of the New Orleans Saints involved in the bounty scandal were reversed, he ignored what was told to him. He re-suspended …

07 September 2012

SportsSuperstar of the Week: Chris Kluwe

By // Sports

My Facebook Newsfeed has been blowing up with this link over the past few hours. Everyone from my high school English teacher to twentysomething politicos to sheltered theatre geeks are …

25 August 2012

Penn State Sanctions: Too Harsh or Not Harsh Enough?

By // Sports

A few weeks ago, Penn State hit rock bottom concerning the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal. Working off the Feech report, the NCAA brought down the hammer for the school’s …

21 June 2012

Heads Will Roll

By // Sports

There is a large court battle brewing between the NFL and its players. Usually when you hear something like this, one would assume it’s another possible labour stoppage over money …

05 May 2012

In Memoriam: Junior Seau

By // Sports

Like many lifelong football fans, I was saddened to hear about that passing of Junior Seau. TMZ first reported and confirmed the passing of the iconic linebacker, victim of what …

10 April 2012

The NFL’s New Uniforms: Much Ado About Nothing

By // Sports

Every where I went, someone was making a big hoopla about the NFL’s new licensing contract with Nike that was going to kick in this year. A lot of my …

08 February 2012

Superbowl Gambling of the Peripheral Sort

By // Sports

I hate New England.  I hate New England so much it makes me forget how much I hate New York.  The life of an NFL fan is a tough one, …

26 January 2012

Live like a Lion, Die like a man.

By // Sports

There will be a ten-hour viewing for Joe Paterno and not enough people will get to say goodbye.  There will be countless memorials, television specials, and I am fairly certain …

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