As the years roll on, the fervor for NFL football among Canadians continues to rise, paralleled by the surge in NFL betting activity in Canada. Since 2010, the proportion of Canadians tuning in to NFL games has rivaled that of their American counterparts. After the NHL, the NFL stands as the most followed league in […]

  Kelly Bedard

American Football season kicks off tonight with the Chiefs vs. the Patriots. To get you ready for the season, we’ve assembled a great panel of sports enthusiasts; not statisticians and historians but rather just good old fashioned football fans- all of them artists because that’s who we know- to talk about everything from why the […]

  Fabiana Cabral

I hate to sound like a stereotypical foreigner, but when you are culturally bred to worship only baseball and fútbol, it’s difficult to see what Americans love so much about their own definition of “football,” their famously (or infamously) intoxicating game of equal parts grace and violence. Watching Company One’s production of Colossal, by Andrew […]

  Billie Marlow

With baseball wrapped up and hockey just getting interesting, some might have been distracted from their religious football Sunday, Monday.. and Thursday rituals. So how is America’s favourite pastime faring? Well we’re more than halfway through the football season and it’s just starting to snow. Week 9 marked a pivotal week for NFL teams as […]

  Billie Marlow

It unites and destroys. It can create friendships through the unlikeliest strangers or add scars to fierce loyalties. It has given thousands hope while bringing others to their knees. It embodies tradition, respect and hardworking values. It’s a religion, a way of life, and the air that the die-hard believers breathe. It portrays the spirit […]

  Max Cubello

The Houston Texans, after putting on one of the worst regular season performances in NFL history, have no doubt had an eventful 2014 offseason so far. After ending last season on a dreadful 14-game losing streak, the Texans went into the 2014 NFL Draft with the first overall selection (thanks to that aforementioned losing streak). […]

  Max Cubello

You’ve got to love the mystique behind the infamous sophomore slump. The beauty of it is that it can happen to anyone. Surely all of us can name, without even giving it much thought, an NFL player who had a monster rookie campaign only to go through a frustrating and underwhelming second season in the […]

  Joseph Woodward

You’ll never make it. You know your dreams are unrealistic, right? It’s just a fantasy and you need to realize that most people will never be able to do what you want to do in life. You’re too small. You’re not athletic or talented enough to make it in the NFL. You don’t have the […]