07 September 2017

The MyEntWord Podcast: NFL Roundtable

By // Sports

American Football season kicks off tonight with the Chiefs vs. the Patriots. To get you ready for the season, we’ve assembled a great panel of sports enthusiasts; not statisticians and …

08 August 2015

C1 Showcases Colossal Strength and Beauty

By // Theatre (Boston)

I hate to sound like a stereotypical foreigner, but when you are culturally bred to worship only baseball and fútbol, it’s difficult to see what Americans love so much about …

18 November 2014

AFC North and East Mid-Season Analysis

By // Sports

With baseball wrapped up and hockey just getting interesting, some might have been distracted from their religious football Sunday, Monday.. and Thursday rituals. So how is America’s favourite pastime faring? …

11 September 2014

The NFL Returns: Week One

By // Sports

It unites and destroys. It can create friendships through the unlikeliest strangers or add scars to fierce loyalties. It has given thousands hope while bringing others to their knees. It …

11 July 2014

What’s Next For Andre?

By // Sports

The Houston Texans, after putting on one of the worst regular season performances in NFL history, have no doubt had an eventful 2014 offseason so far. After ending last season …

05 July 2014

Beating the Sophomore Slump: NFL Edition

By // Sports

You’ve got to love the mystique behind the infamous sophomore slump. The beauty of it is that it can happen to anyone. Surely all of us can name, without even …

17 June 2014

Top Athlete: Brady

By // Sports

You’ll never make it. You know your dreams are unrealistic, right? It’s just a fantasy and you need to realize that most people will never be able to do what …

13 June 2014

Madden NFL ’15: Sherman v. the Curse

By // Games

Did Richard Sherman really win the fans’ support to be on the cover of ‘Madden NFL 15’ because they felt he deserved to win, or because they hoped he would …

31 January 2014

Seahawks Superbowl Outlook

By // Sports

Well it’s February football, this can only mean one thing, Superbowl Sunday. This Sunday February 3rd the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will battle it out to see who claims …

16 January 2014

AFC Championship Preview

By // Sports

With Superbowl implications at hand this weekend, the NFL conference championships surely will not disappoint.  In the AFC we have Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos who will welcome Tom …

16 January 2014

NFC Championship Preview

By // Sports

With Super bowl implications at hand this weekend, the NFL conference championships surely will not disappoint.  In the NFC championship there is a couple of division foes ready to battle …

18 August 2013

Let the Battles Begin

By // Sports

The NFL has developed into a quarterback-driven league; to win, a team must have a special quarterback. Every year there are some shoe-ins who have the starting job for their …

25 April 2013

Revis Island, Next Stop, Tampa Bay

By // Sports

It has certainly been a long time coming but finally the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have agreed upon terms of a deal that will send Darrelle Revis …

23 April 2013

Tackles Galore

By // Sports

The “Offensive Tackle” position seems to be the dominant theme in this year’s NFL entry draft. With the Chiefs holding the first overall pick, most seem to think that they …

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