Taylor Sobolewski

Who would have guessed the premiere I looked forward to most this season would be on the CW? Okay, that probably wouldn’t have been too difficult since anything with strong female leads and good-looking boys is kind of my thing. But beyond these important factors, the premiere of The 100 was so anticipated because of […]

  Tim Collins

Supporting casts can make or break a series. Some of the best sitcoms out there don’t really have “main characters” because the entire cast could be considered the leads (Friends, HIMYM, Happy Endings). One of my biggest gripes about this new fall season is that sitcoms aren’t really about the ensemble anymore. Suddenly we have […]

  Tim Collins

Every year, Survivor is one of those shows that starts off slow but after a few weeks it draws you in more and more. I’ve already expressed how boring it can be to have one tribe win week after week, because the winning tribe receives so little air time (for the most part). That finally […]

  Saiya Floyd

This week’s Sleepy Hollow had a lot of potential to move the story forward, which it unfortunately didn’t take. While the episode was still very entertaining, the show is starting to feel like it’s stalling. (Spoilers ahead). One of the problems this episode encountered was the death of Caroline, a colonial reenactor, and apparently very […]

  Kevin Dillon

After a week off from re-capping- sorry, Aruba was calling my name- I am back and so is Carrie Preston, who plays Elsbeth Tascione, a fan favorite guest star on The Good Wife. The Return of Elsbeth Tascione The case of the week involved Alicia and Dean (Taye Diggs) took on Elsbeth Tascione and her […]

  Kelly Bedard

Showtime’s new drama The Affair is compellingly elusive. At the end of the first hour, not only do we not know why the principal characters are being interrogated, we don’t know where we are, when we are, and, despite having seen the same flashback action play out twice over the course of one episode, we […]

  Saiya Floyd

This week’s Doctor Who was like much of the rest of the season: enjoyable for the duration of the viewing, but not something that sticks with you. There was little substance, but a lot of style. And I mean a lot of style. A replica of the Orient Express – in space! A mummy! 1920’s […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

Hey guys, remember when I was all, “gosh I hope Selfie turns into a good show because I love John Cho and Karen Gillan”? Looks like the creators did too. It’s pretty usual for sitcoms to have a rough patch in the beginning, but in its second episode Selfie comes out strong. They double down […]