13 March 2015

TV on DVD: Paramount in Early 2015

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It’s time, once again, for the TV on DVD series featuring new releases from Paramount… not technically limited to TV, but we’ll start with TV: Kids TV The beginning of 2015 is bringing …

26 September 2013

Dexter, Series Finale (+ DVD Update)

By // TV

Over the past few episodes, Dexter fans have been forced to ride a range of emotions. While a roller coaster of heart-pumping reactions are expected from a series finale, the …

19 September 2013

Dexter 8.11 “Monkey In A Box”

By // TV

With one episode left to go, it appears that Dexter has deluded himself into thinking that everything will work out for a perfect Argentina ending. If he had been able …

12 September 2013

Dexter 8.10 “Goodbye Miami”

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Dexter Morgan is dangerously close to leaving Miami. As personal fans, viewers are torn between seeing our hero slay the evil Oliver Saxon to protect Dr. Vogel and seeing him …

30 August 2013

Dexter 8.9 “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

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As the end of Dexter crawls to a close, it’s difficult to focus on specific incidents within each episode when viewers can’t help but wonder exactly where these actions are …

22 August 2013

Dexter 8.8 “Are We There Yet?”

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“Are We There Yet?” is by far the best episode within this final season of Dexter. The last seven episodes have been somewhat murky in terms of any real resolution. …

16 August 2013

Dexter 8.7 “Dress Code”

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Beginning moments after the previous episode, “Dress Code” opens with Dexter waking up in the middle of nowhere. On the other side of town, his phone vibrates from Dr. Vogel’s …

08 August 2013

Dexter 8.6 “A Little Reflection”

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Halfway through the final season of Showtime’s Dexter, audiences are invited to meet a new Dexter protégé as well as reminisce with a past lover. “A Little Reflection” begins with …

31 July 2013

Dexter 8.5 “This Little Piggy”

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A huge revelation happened at the end of this week’s episode that is almost good enough to cover up all of the unsatisfying bits and pieces that were tied up …

23 July 2013

Dexter 8.4 “Scar Tissue”

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As a series, audiences were encouraged to view a type of Harry Morgan (James Remar) that was pure fantasy—a creation within the mind of Dexter. Upon the introduction of Dr. …

21 July 2013

Dexter 8.3 “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

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“What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” opens with a sight gag—tricking audiences to believe that something awful has happened to Dexter’s son, Harrison. Our protagonist hears his son calling and walks through …

09 July 2013

Dexter 8.2 “Every Silver Lining”

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With his directorial debut, Michael C. Hall stepped behind the camera to direct the second episode of the final season, titled “Every Silver Lining.” The episode opened with Dr. Vogel …

07 July 2013

Dexter 8.1 “A Beautiful Day”

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“Beautiful Day” begins with Dexter playing father-of-the-year as he flies a kite with his son Harrison and coaches the boy’s soccer team. The Pixar-like montage is meant to display the …

09 January 2011

The Terrible Person Brigade

By // TV

Cable TV is the home of terrible people. That’s not to say that some of the people on network aren’t horrible too (Addison Montgomery is a hypocritically terrible person, whereas …

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