Before we announce the winners of the 2013 My Theatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Laura Condlln is the first person to make a third appearance in the Nominee Interview Series. A rare back-to-back-to-back nominee, Laura was first up for our Best Actress award for 2011’s Merry Wives of Windsor before becoming […]

  Kelly Bedard

There are two sides to assessing pretty much any contemporary theatre piece- there’s the play, and there’s this production of it. With the current Canadian Stage production of Nina Raine’s Tribes, this line becomes quite blurry. This is the Canadian premiere of a fairly young and wildly lauded text so one gets the sense that […]

  Kelly Bedard

Read Part I HERE.   London Road (Canadian Stage) Alecky Blythe and Adam Cork’s verbatim musical is a strange beast. It tells a very docutheatre story in a very docutheatre way (which you know I’m not that into) but then incorporates another theatrical medium that stands generally on the complete opposite end of the spectrum […]

  Michael Polubiec

I have no idea who Robert Lepage is. Shame on me. Well, I haven’t been all too familiar with any of the directors whose work I’ve discussed for this website – some famous, others not. It’s clear that my background is not in theatre. Lacking a refined perspective, I once again assert the minor (but […]

  Kelly Bedard

Both of CanStage’s current productions are contemporary one-act contemplations of  female power as attained through sexuality (to put it as simplistically as I possibly could). In The Flood Thereafter, the mythological sirens are represented in the figure of Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster as a brash and modern young woman paid to unceremoniously remove her clothes once […]

  Ann Fitzhenry

In live theatre, you know that anything can happen – props don’t work, actors skip a couple of lines, or segue into ad libs. It is what makes it exciting and fresh. When the live theatre is outdoors, the elements of chance are higher, from planes overhead drowning out lines to picnicking (drunken) audience members […]

  Lorenzo Pagnotta

15 AUGUST 2012- I am about to watch a show directed by my favourite Canadian playwright (Morris Panych).  The set is fascinating to me.  I love absurdist drama, and the designer (Ken MacDonald) has made appropriately bold choices with this fantastical set that feels like an even larger than life version of a cute doll house.  The […]