13 February 2016

MyTV & MyTheatre Award Nominee: Christine Horne

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 2015 MyTV and MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. The only 2015 performer nominated by two different branches, Christine Horne …

25 April 2015

Spotlight South Africa: HATCHED

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Hatched begins with an iconic image, Mamela Nyamza, topless and back to the audience in a long clothespin tutu, strong and statuesque, beautifully silhouetted by the artistry of lighting designer …

24 April 2015

Spotlight South Africa: Ubu and the Truth Commission

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Written by Jane Taylor, directed by William Kentridge, and produced by the Handspring Puppet Theatre (War Horse), Ubu and the Truth Commission is a large scale production created by some …

14 April 2015

Spotlight South Africa: NONGOGO

By // Theatre (Toronto)

On the cusp of second wave feminism and nearly a decade into Apartheid rule, Athol Fugard created a female character that would, against all odds, defy the roles society would …

13 April 2015

Spotlight South Africa: The Meal

By // Theatre (Toronto)

A large paper scroll leads us up the stairs to the Berkeley Theatre. On the landing Mamela Nyamza is crouched on the floor, scrawling over and over “I must not …

14 November 2014

Contemporary Circus Show Opus Impresses

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Australian acrobatic company Circa has livened CanStage with a refreshingly new and desperately needed contemporary circus show. Opus is 75 non-stop minutes of circus feats, but also shows the audience …

29 August 2014

Now is the Time to Storm; Why Art Thou Still?

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Canadian Stage’s annual Shakespeare in High Park (formerly known as Dream in High Park but apparently that was too confusing) is always fun for its picnic-under-the-stars tone, even if the …

07 June 2014

CanStage’s Intermission

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Canadian Stage’s Intermission is a new immersive event series inspired by the current programming of the company. Vol. I drew on Robert Lepage’s hit from last season, Needles and Opium, …

10 March 2014

My Theatre Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Laura Condlln (III)

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2013 My Theatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Laura Condlln is the first person to make a third appearance in …

18 February 2014

Tribes at Canadian Stage

By // Theatre (Toronto)

There are two sides to assessing pretty much any contemporary theatre piece- there’s the play, and there’s this production of it. With the current Canadian Stage production of Nina Raine’s …

31 January 2014

On Stage in TO: Musicals Everywhere (Part II)

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read Part I HERE. London Road (Canadian Stage) Alecky Blythe and Adam Cork’s verbatim musical is a strange beast. It tells a very docutheatre story in a very docutheatre way …

08 December 2013

Welcome to Lepage

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I have no idea who Robert Lepage is. Shame on me. Well, I haven’t been all too familiar with any of the directors whose work I’ve discussed for this website …

12 October 2013

On Stage in Toronto: CanStage This Fall

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Both of CanStage’s current productions are contemporary one-act contemplations of  female power as attained through sexuality (to put it as simplistically as I possibly could). In The Flood Thereafter, the …

16 September 2013

TO Summer Shakespeare, Pt2: Shrew in High Park

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In live theatre, you know that anything can happen – props don’t work, actors skip a couple of lines, or segue into ad libs. It is what makes it exciting …

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