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23 March 2014

Breaking Tradition, Strings, Hearts

By // Music

Old Man Luedecke Feb 18, Hugh’s Room “Who feels like a little call-and-response?” calls Chris Luedecke, AKA Old Man Luedecke, of Halifax. There is a halfhearted smattering of applause. “That’s …

21 May 2013

Strong Blood: Trixie Whitley at the Drake

By // Music

April 30, 2013- Drake Underground “Oh man. If this is what I sound like at twenty-five, I’m gonna sound, like, ninety in a few years.” Trixie Whitley is nursing a cold that …

15 May 2013

Twin Forks, The Lone Bellow and Ivan & Alyosha

By // Music

April 22, 2013- Drake Underground After failing to talk my way into the Drake Underground, I reluctantly bought a ticket from a young enterpriser for 100% markup—and couldn’t be happier that …

14 May 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

By // Music

May 9, 2013- Kool Haus Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are one of those inimitable few acts who persist, year in and year out, relatively unchanged. Since the 2001 release of …

02 May 2013

Shannon Graham and the Storytellers

By // Music

CD Release at Gallery 345, April 17 Resplendent in a purple pixie gown, Shannon Graham stands out from her band. They are clad in the trademark black suits of the …

23 April 2013

Shafton Thomas Group (STG) plays The Drake

By // Music

One of the predominant challenges faced by modern jazz musicians is that of an alienated audience. How does one push boundaries in a genre famed for its esoteric complexity—a genre …

11 April 2013

Is It Possible?

By // Cinema

“Why do you assume you can look at people and they can’t look back?”  Godfrey Masauli admonishes his travel companion Benjamin Jordan, who is lamenting that he gets called a …

29 March 2013

Chloe Charles at Canadian Music Week

By // Music

“I hope you all stick around after,” she says with a gleam in her eye, “it’s been a long week. And we’re going to party.” Chloe Charles is addressing a …

17 March 2013

Molly Wagger- “Stoneclouds”

By // Music

Scottish folktronica outfit Molly Wagger gained quiet but consistently positive recognition for their 2011 debut, Flambeaux.  The record is a heady brew of subdued electronic texture and warm, rich emotion; certainly, it is more …

11 February 2013

Different Strokes

By // Music

Julian Casablancas and the boys are back, or, they will be in March.  The internet was graced last week with “One Way Trigger”, the first track from the band’s anticipated …

06 February 2013

Come Around Again (EP) by David Jacobson

By // Music

David Jacobson plays simple acoustic guitar lines like a man capable of more than a little Frivolous Complexity, who has nevertheless learned the value of restraint.  ‘Please Tell Me’, the …

24 December 2012

Flight of Fancy

By // Cinema

I am literally dumbfounded that the new Denzel Washington film is guilty of the following atrocities (all the while garnering rave reviews in the press): – Un-ironically using the Red Hot …

14 December 2012

Metric, Instagram, and the ACC

By // Music

It was a brisk, sunlit afternoon and I was walking along Queen West, headed into the city to meet a friend for dinner.  As I passed the south gates of …

05 December 2012

They Will Take My Island by Robert Martin

By // Music

Modern classical music is primarily a consort of the modern musical elite, with little to no basis in consumer demand.  It is more often than not the product of a …

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