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15 January 2018

Dave Deveau’s Funny Valentine at Buddies

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Originally written (and performed) by Dave Deveau, My Funny Valentine is a play based around the true story of a gay teen who was killed by his classmate in 2008. …

08 January 2018

Next Stage, 2018: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Harold Experience This Assembly Improv show invokes the Harold Technique of audience participation to get suggestions from the crowd on which the theme of the show is based. The …

11 December 2017

Pencil Kit Presents The Hungriest Woman in the World

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Pencil Kit Productions’ The Hungriest Woman in the World is certainly an interesting show. It bills itself as a ‘sexy and elliptical new play’ by Canadian poet and playwright Shannon …

01 December 2017

Manwatching Gavin Crawford

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Manwatching is a one-man show written by a woman. That’s all I know about the author going in to see the show, because she remains anonymous. And each night a …

28 November 2017

Mr. Shi and His Lover

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Inspired by the true story of an opera singer and a French diplomat, Mr. Shi and His Lover is a semi-operatic play currently on Tarragon’s mainstage. The narrative traces a …

22 November 2017

Poison at The Coal Mine

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Poison, currently on at The Coal Mine Theatre, is a story about two people. Actually, it’s a story about three people. We open on a man (Ted Dykstra) waiting in …

17 November 2017

Soulpepper’s Goat

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Edward Albee’s The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia? is currently on at Soulpepper, directed by Alan Dilworth. I love this play for so many reasons, not least of which is …

15 November 2017

Daughter, Remounted

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Adam Lazarus’s play Daughter is about masculinity. Or rather: it is a play about toxic masculinity. Or, even more accurately: it is a play about the ways in which the patriarchy …

08 November 2017

Julia Jarcho’s Grimly Handsome

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Grimly Handsome is a relatively new play by New York playwright Julia Jarcho. Directed by Jay Turvey, this three hander stars Julia Course, Jeff Irving and Ben Sanders as a …

30 October 2017

Grab ‘Em By the Pussy

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Rouvan Silogix is angry about the state of the world, and very understandably so. And what better way to channel that anger than to create a farce about the contemporary …

25 October 2017

Scapegoat Introduces Cloud

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Daniel Pagett’s new play Cloud is about connections both human and technological. The narrative traces two sets of people…

16 October 2017

Ahuri Theatre & Bad New Days’ Flashing Lights

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Co-produced by Ahuri Theatre and Bad New Days, Flashing Lights is a story that explores the ways in which technology affects lives, and specifically our relationships. From the internet and …

01 October 2017

Let’s Go! A G_dot Prequel

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Aptly timed, this DMT Productions prequel to Waiting for Godot is currently playing at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace while Soulpepper’s production of Beckett’s play is starting to wrap up. …

28 September 2017

Mirvish presents North by Northwest Live

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Heading into this show, I wasn’t convinced I would like it. I haven’t, I will admit, watched many Alfred Hitchcock films, and the play seemed a bit like it might …

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